Saturday, September 10, 2011

ART IS YOU Seuss Ornament Swap

I am desperately trying to finish some creative projects before all of my crafting supplies get packed away. Today, I finished my ornaments for the ART IS YOU Dr. Seuss Ornament Swap.

I made a little Lorax tableau inside of a candy container.  I used some blue roving for one of the trees.  Hopefully, it looks okay.

I'm halfway finished with my trades for ART IS YOU and I need to get started on my pages for the ABC Christmas Swap. I have 26 ATCs to make for that.  Getting all my crafting supplies sorted and packed is going to be a huge job.

As the clock keeps ticking, we still haven't found a new rental home.  Actually, we found the perfect one and the owners chose someone else. It was a big disappointment because I was so hopeful.  I really thought our lives might be changing for the better.  Now, we are left looking at teeny houses in bad areas.  I am struggling to keep a stiff upper lip and failing miserably.  I can deal with a lot but not having a home has brought me to my knees. I wake up each morning and count my many blessings but my heart isn't getting on board.  All I can do is hope that we find something before we have to leave this house.   One month to go!


Normies said...

Oh wow, looks like i am number 100!! LOL. Where is my prize?! JK! Please stop by my blog!
your new follower!

Linda said...

Stopping by to say Hi from M.B.C. 200 followers. You have a nice blog!
Have a great day!
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CJ said...

Very Cute! Following you from MBC. 200 Followers.

Let me just say, I understand how you feel. I really do not like where we live, and like you it was very hard for me when I started looking elsewhere. A lot of money for a lot of nothing. One of the things that I keep reminding myself of is that this is all temporary and my family is going to have excatly is needed. Most importantly we are together.

Don't beat yourself up for getting down or a little anxious. We make the mistake of measuring our faith by our down times. Measure your faith by knowing and understanding that although it might be a little tough right now - all will be well.