Monday, September 26, 2011

Lessons Learned at ART IS...YOU 2011

Art is...You was my very first art retreat. I had such a great time. Sallianne and Ellen are truly amazing women. I would never have the patience or fortitude to put on events of that magnitude and deal with all the myriad details and problems that arise.  And they always seem to be in such a great mood!

I have discovered that there are several types of classes that one can take at a an art retreat.  Some are strictly technique classes where you do not take away a specific project. Some are technique classes where you replicate a sample the instructor has given you.  Some are classes where you are given a design to work off of but you provide the theme and/or inspiration.  I have discovered that my favorite type of class is the last version.  I love it when someone provides the basic framework and teaches the techniques involved but then lets me create my own vision. Shelly Massey's classes were like that.  I left with pieces of art that I felt were truly my own.  I LOVED Julie Haymaker Thompson's class and I learned so many techniques but I feel I just replicated her sample. (with the exception of the cat which is all my own)  I love that piece but I don't see much of myself in it.  However, I can now take the techniques I learned from Julie and do something of my own.

Everything is a learning process and I just feel good getting to create!

I also learned about the power in gathering a group of creative people together. I met so many wonderful women who quickly asked me my story and then got involved in it.  Three women tied wish bracelets to my wrist this weekend. Two have already fallen off so I'm hoping those wishes come true soon. Even though these women don't know me well, they are sending me prayers and positive energy which is so powerful.  I feel lucky to have been a part of it all and can't wait for next year!!!  I hope you'll join us too!


Shelly said...

I made some wishes for you too when your bracelets were going on... I wonder if those will come true too?! :)

Heidi said...

It's such a joy for me to read your experience! It's the gathering of "sisters" and "friends" that is really the blessing. Your art and projects will mirror your heart! Hugs, Heidi

Marlene ~ mIzZ (hONeY) bEe said...

hi amy, its marlene (from sal & ellen art first I would love to say it was a pleasure to meet you... and you are one kind hearted & loving soul... you will most definitely bee in my prayers for a home and I send your way many blessings, happiness & love your way... like my grandma would say "God Love Ya'" and I know that He is with you every step of the way...peace love joy & blessings & may all your wishes, prayers & dreams come true ~ Marlene ;O) xox

charlotte said...

sending a virtual wish bracelet to you- one that can't fall off- hoping that all gets better very soon!

Amy said...

Thank you, Charlotte!!! Someday, I am going to get the opportunity to take one of YOUR classes!!!


Cindy said...

Retreats are just the coolest! And I've been so fortunate and blessed to have Shelly teach for me at Paper Cowgirl. She is truly talented and just one of the sweetest person you could ever meet. I'm glad that you a class that you could make your own and create what truly spoke to you. I am also shooting up a little prayer for you about finding a new home! Love what you've created!

take care!

Cherie Wilson said...

hello sweet girl! I found you from Amy's blog...........count yourself prayers from my home to yours......your new one that is. The one that is going to come about dear sweet girl. So glad you went to the art retreat. We need each other and time to create.