Monday, October 31, 2011

BOO to you!

Well, I managed to get a few decorations up for Halloween. Most of my decorations are in storage and I'm hoping to get a little more organized before Christmas rolls around.

Noodle has decided to go as Jack Skellington for Halloween. (his favorite movie is "Nightmare Before Christmas")  I managed to dig out my old Sally costume which is a bit snug but I'm going to wear it anyway.  When I used to work at the public library, I had a special Halloween storytime each year and I always dressed as Sally.

It might be a little ambitious to try today but I love this free banner from Pick Your Plum:

It is free today only and would make a great Halloween decoration if you already have the materials on hand.

Get your own here.

I took a photo of the pumpkin we carved and I'll try to post it here later today.

Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!!!

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Heidi said...

COOL banner.....thanks for sharing! Hope your pumpkins turned out how you wanted! OR at least they got to have candles for last night!! Hugs, Heidi