Monday, October 17, 2011

Highs and Lows

Well, we are in the new house.  We said goodbye to the old one. I did pretty well until I had a moment by myself in Noodle's room dismantling his crib.  (we decided to start him in a twin bed in the new house)  I put that crib together the day before my water broke.  I cried a lot. I will miss that house so much.

We are now surrounded by boxes and I have no idea where anything is.  It will take a long time to get settled.  To add to the stress, there was a major family row that could have permanent repercussions.  I know part of it was due to physical and emotional fatigue but it was pretty horrible.  I didn't really sleep last night.  I spent most of the night praying off and on and trying to find a solution to this problem.

We did manage a few moments of happiness yesterday morning. We headed to a Halloween event and Noodle wore the prince costume I made him. I didn't get the hat finished and his boot covers didn't quite fit so this Prince happens to wear Converse sneakers.

(petting a goat)

(with Grandma and a ghost)
(with his Godmother)

The cape was from GROWING UP SEW LIBERATED.  I improvised with the felt tunic and belt and made my own pattern for them.   I was going for Prince Philip from "Sleeping Beauty."  It looks okay.

He has store-bought Tigger and Jack Skellington costumes and will probably wear one of those for Halloween. I'm just glad he got some use from the Prince costume.

Now I'm off to unpack and pray some more.


Shelly said...

Hang in there, Amy! I don't know if commiserating will help, but we had some similar bumps in our journey a few years ago. We had to move away from our home in Washington when Harper was just six weeks old. We figured out that we'd be moving when I was about eight months pregnant, and I had just finished her room a few weeks prior. I remember being so upset that the nest of a nursery I had created would only be used for a short time and that we'd be moving in with my inlaws until the Washington house sold. My home is really important to me too and I have a hard time feeling grounded without it. I guess my point is that even though it's stressful and hard and sad, keep believing that it will all work out in the end. Because it will. And if all else fails, we have lots of space here in Ohio for you. :) BIG HUGS and SMILES for you!!!

Amy said...

Shelly--I don't know how you managed it. You are one brave lady. Thanks for all the love!!!


Heidi said...

Hi Amy!
You are doing great. Ups and downs is the path of life. But as you travel, keep your eyes and heart on Jesus....He will sustain. Family is important. Do what is in your power to keep peace, but after that give it to God. Hugs, Heidi
PS Prince Noodle is very handsome!