Monday, December 19, 2011

A Long Winter's Nap

Friends, I have no reason to feel this tired.  I had a lovely weekend filled with holiday activities.  I took a half day off from work on Friday for Noodlebug's school party.  And I even got his homemade gifts finished for his classmates.  (photo to follow)  Saturday, I took Noodle to a puppet show at the library, helped my mother set up her Christmas tree and then headed to my friend's for a holiday get-together.  Sunday was another lovely holiday open house at the beautiful home of my friend Paula in Sonoma.  I was fighting a sick headache but I was determined I wasn't going to miss this event.  We were the first ones there and I settled myself in one of Paula's comfortable recliners next ot the fire with a plate full of food.  The chair was similar to this one:

The house began filling up with people. I'd say there were at least 50 people milling around as I sat snuggled into the chair in the middle of the room. I did not budge from that spot for almost two hours. In fact, I very nearly closed my eyes and went to sleep right there in the middle of the party. I know Paula would have forgiven me if I did that. I think social propriety was the only thing that kept me from it. I didn't mingle. I didn't chat. I was a lousy guest.  It seemed like my bum was glued to that chair.  I finally peeled myself out of the chair because we had to leave to make it to Noodle's Christmas pageant at church.  He did a good job in spite of the fact that his shepherd costume kept slipping off. 

I have three more days of work until my holiday begins.  I have no reason to feel this tired but I think the holidays have caught up with me.   I am so ready to settle myself for a long winter's nap. 

I am asking Santa for the gift of time this year.  We have downsized a lot this past year and have more much to get rid of.  I don't need any more "stuff" in my life.   I used to think gift cards were not very good gifts but I have changed my tune.  I would LOVE giftcards in the form of Starbucks, Michael's, our local movie theater or my favorite hangouts to go to with girlfriends.  Things that would enable me to continue my bad habits.  Actually, I love gift cards that enable me to spend quality time doing fun things with the people I love.  I don't often get to take Noodle to movies.  I don't spend NEAR enough time with my girlfriends.  I don't ever eat out with my husband. Sometimes, those things are just luxuries we can't afford. So now, instead of seeing giftcards as the lazy gift giver's gift, I see them as a lovely gift of time with those I love.  And we can all use more of that!

What is on YOUR list for Santa?

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