Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bad Blogger and January Goals

I am so behind with my blogging! I think it is because I am currently taking three online classes.  It's hard to keep up.  Since I listen to the videos on my breaks at work, I have to wait and get home to my art supplies before actually starting any of the projects. Then, I walk into my workroom, look at the boxes piled up around the room, and turn around and walk back out.  I'm so behind!!!

I am looking forward to my Valentine-making class at Paper Source next week. Maybe I'll get some inspiration there and I will actually have a photo or two to post! 

As for my three classes, I am loving them all. Stephanie Ackerman's class is easy to keep up with and fun to do.  Jeanne Oliver's class is filled with instruction on mixed-media technique. I'm learning on a lot but I'm not sure I'm ready to invest in all those materials. I'm loving Brave Girls Club BODY RESTORATION class.  Really fun so far.

For the month of January, I set myself a few goals based on the classes I'm taking and the HAPPINESS PROJECT book.  January is my "Boosting Energy and Body Care" month.   Here are my goals for this month:

1. Get more exercise. At least three times a week in the gym.  (So far, I'm doing pretty well with this)

2. Get organized.  (not doing very well in this department but I am donating and selling lots of stuff!)

3. Get plenty of sleep.  Don't stay up and watch tv when you don't really care about the show.  (working on this one)

4. Drink more water.  (check!!!)

5. Make better food choices. (no comment)

6. Take daily vitamin. (hit or miss)

7. Floss teeth daily. (doing better with this one!)

8. Wear sunscreen every day. (check!!!)

A lot to work on but so far so good!


Nan said...

I just saw your blog while I was looking for info on Jeanne Oliver's new eclass. I felt like I could have written your list myself! I am taking Body Restoration too and Willowing's Life Book class and was trying to decide if taking a third class was crazy! I am trying to organize and cut down on tv time too. I'm determined to sit down and work in the mess today and get going.Good luck with your list and classe. Maybe we'll see each other in Body Restoration. :) Nan

Amy said...

Nan! Thanks for dropping by! How fun that we are taking so many of the same classes. Later this year, I must try the SHE ART classes I have been hearing about. Look for me in Body Restoration!


Chidori said...

Gary is militant about flossing. I feel shamed by his example of perfect dental hygiene, so I am doing better, too, ha ha.