Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Most of you know that I am a huge fan of Brave Girls Club.  I have taken three online classes with them and I am about to start their new Body Restoration class. Every year, they put together a video of Awesome Things.  It is so fun to watch and be reminded of all the wonderful things in our lives. Take a moment and watch it and you may recognize a familiar face at 48 seconds.

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Heidi said...

Hi Amy!
Thanks for the blog visit! I'll be posting more gingerbread photos soon...I hope!

You've taken 3 Brave Girl classes? Wow! I just did the one (it was this time last year) and really got a lot out of it. As I did my "work" I tweaked a lot so that I used Bible verses instead of a lot of their "self help" sort of working. My strength comes from the Lord, not from myself! I keep my "soul restoration" book out and handy, to refer back to the pages that helped me so much in various areas of my life! I can't imagine how much more you learned from 3 classes total! Very cool!

Hugs, Heidi