Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's in Store for 2012

I have decided to make 2012 my life work year!  I am kicking off the year with three different online classes:

1. Brave Girls Club BODY RESTORATION

2. Jeanne Oliver's CREATIVELY MADE  (four weeks....$48)

3. Stephanie Ackerman's SCRAPBOOK LIFE JOURNAL class  (12 months...$40.24...signups open until Jan. 31)

I have already started Stephanie's class and I am loving it.  You don't need many supplies.  In fact, Stephanie encourages you to use what you have!  You get weekly e-mails with journaling prompts along with fun things like monthly doodles to color. Very easy to keep up with.  Plus, she works from a Christian perspective which helps with my faith work.

My friend Genevieve also gave me THE HAPPINESS PROJECT for Christmas and I am enjoying that as well. I am employing many of Gretchen Rubin's ideas in my Scrapbook Life Journal.  

It's time to get control of my life and figure out what really makes me happy and how to be a better wife, mother and daughter.
Here we go!!!

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Nikella said...

I just finished reading "The Happiness Project"! I think Gretchen Rubin makes some good points and has some ideas that I will definitely try to copy.