Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Action Pack #9: The Mad Scientist Edition!

I am such a fan of WhipUp's Action Pack series.  They are always filled with such wonderful activities to do with your children. This issue looks especially good:

Who doesn't want to be a mad scientist? 

In this issue there are more than 14 fun, curious, tasty and artistic scientific experiments:
  • You will learn about microwave expansion
  • and the science of bubbles and yeast,
  • you’ll experiment with crystals
  • and make some cool potions too.
I can't wait to try the "Fireworks in a Glass" activity!

Although these activities are geared for children ages 7-12, I find that most can be adapted for children of other ages.

Only $5 for 20+ pages of activities to do with your kids. 

Get your digital copy here.

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