Friday, March 9, 2012

Mail Time!!!!

If you have a kid, you are probably familiar with "Blue's Clues."  My son has just discovered it and I may be developing a crush on Steve.

Anyway, I have to admit that I really enjoy Steve's "Mail Time" song:

That is exactly how I felt when I came home to surprise mail yesterday. I LOVE surprise mail!!!
This special mail came from the incredibly talented Shelly Massey.  I met Shelly last year at ART IS YOU where I took two of her classes.  I recognized her as a kindred spirit right away.

Shelly surprised me with this sweet painting that she did:

I haven't decided yet whether it will go in the kitchen or in my workroom.  But I love it!!!
Thank you, Shelly!!!


Shelly said...

You are so welcome, Amy!! And now I have that "mail time" thing in my head! :)

Amy said...

I know! That "mail time" song is so catchy! And because I love getting REAL mail, I always find myself singing it when the mail comes.