Friday, November 16, 2012

Action Pack: Family Apothecary

The new Action Pack is here!!!

I have been so excited for this issue to arrive because I have been really interested in making my own products at home lately.  This particular issue has 50+ pages of salves, lotions, balms and crafty projects for the whole family!!!

Find the following recipes in this issue [all using herbs and commonly found simple ingredients like beeswax, olive oil and bicarb soda (plus a few special products too -- like coconut oil and kaolin clay)] :
  • Home herbal medicinal recipes (salves and cold remedies)
  • Eco-home cleaning and freshening ideas (natural cleaning products and washing recipes)
  • Eco beauty treatments (lip balms, creams and hair tonics)
  • Natural personal products (toothpaste and deodorant)
Buy this e-magazine for only $10 and start making your own products at home. I think they will also make lovely holiday gifts.

Get your issue here.

(I really believe in this product and I am an affiliate for it)


Auntie Bliss said...

cool! can't wait to see what you make :)
I discovered know those Chia pets ? Well chia seeds are way good for you! My husband got some b/c he cleans seeds that farmers harvest and someone brought these in.
I just read about them and baked some in cookies :)

Amy said...

I've heard about chia seeds being good for you but haven't tried it yet! I need to do that!!