Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pin and Do!: Little Bit Funky Fingerprint Ornaments

I have been looking for an expensive gift that Noodlebug can make and give away for Christmas so I was excited to see Little Bit Funky's fingerprint ornament tutorials. I pinned them on Pinterest some time ago and hoped to return to the project for the holidays.

This weekend, I stocked up on Michael's coupons and headed over to pick up some ornaments. While I was there, I noticed some cupcake boxes and crossed my fingers that the ornaments would fit inside. Noodlebug and I decided to make both snowmen and reindeer.  He'll be giving all the aunts and his godmother the snowmen ornaments and all the uncles the reindeer ornaments.

They were fairly easy to make but I had a little trouble using the Sharpies on top of the paint. I ended up doing most of the detail work with acrylic paint instead.

And they fit perfectly in the cupcake boxes!!!

So excited to be able to cross those gifts off my list!!!  I am now pretty much finished with Christmas shopping. I really REALLY don't like Black Friday.  I get sick to my stomach by all the emphasis on commercialism and couldn't believe it when some poor store employees were actually KILLED last year in the name of trying to get a good deal.  I try to get all my shopping done by the end of the October so that I can spend the holidays focusing on important things like my family, my friends and the birth of a Very Important Person.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, my friends!!!

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Tami said...

These are adorable! And such a great gift. Love that you're teaching little one to craft.