Monday, April 29, 2013

Make Do and Destash: Needle-felted Orange

My son spotted these adorable vegetables by the Felt Baron at B Street Mercantile.  He absolutely loved the orange but it was $7 and out of our price range.

(image source)

He was really disappointed that we couldn't take one home. And I couldn't blame him.They are so cute!!! 
(image source)

I looked around at home to see if I could duplicate it but I didn't have the right felt.  Then, I remembered that I had some leftover wool roving.  I pulled out my needlefelting supplies and made this:

Not quite the same but Noodle was thrilled with it!!!  And it only took about fifteen minutes to make!  Saved $7 and managed to destash a little bit. I consider that a win!

If you can afford one of the Felt Baron's adorable creations, do it! They are much better than anything I could ever make. If not, it's nice to know there may be resources lurking in your crafting stash!

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