Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Playing with Our New Book

I have had so much fun exploring Jean Van't Hul's ARTFUL PARENT book.  Noodlebug and I finally sat down yesterday to try a project out of the book.

We decided to start with Salty Watercolors:

Noodlebug took the whole project very seriously:

The finished product:

He had so much fun with this project that we ended up doing two more!!!  Noodlebug often gets frustrated with the traditional cake watercolors because the color never comes out the way he wants. So, I invested in some liquid watercolors from Discount School Supply:

Colorations Liquid Watercolor Paint 8 oz.

 I'm so glad I did. He loves them!!! I have found some great deals through Discount School Supply and I am now an affiliate for them. We are already planning our next creative project.

I am completely blocked creatively. I can't seem to get myself to get caught up with LIFE BOOK and I'm getting more and more behind. It's nice to be able to sit down with my son and just do something creative. Thanks to THE ARTFUL PARENT for the inspiration!

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