Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Noodlebug lost his first tooth! It has been really wiggly for about a week so I knew I better get busy with preparations. Luckily, I bought this adorable tooth fairy pillow years ago in preparation for this big event:

(image source)

I bought it on Etsy from Melody Miller and it is so adorable. Big enough to cuddle with the perfect pocket for holding treasures like a tooth!

To make this event a little more special, I decided to craft a special fairy door just for the Tooth Fairy.  I bought an unfinished dollhouse door from Hobby Lobby along with a doorknob kit.  I painted the door and glued on the doorknob and told Noodlebug that since his tooth was really loose, I would mail the key to the Tooth Fairy right away. It's a good thing I did!  He and I installed the Tooth Fairy door next to his bed last night:

Although I plan on the Tooth Fairy giving Noodlebug $1 coins in the future, we decided a first tooth was pretty special.  The Tooth Fairy brought him a $2 bill that my grandfather had given me.

I think we are going to leave the fairy door up. I have a feeling more teeth are going to follow.  It is held up by a few Command strips so I'm not worried about it damaging the wall in any way.  Plus, it makes for easy access for the Tooth Fairy!

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