Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Plein Air Painting

I was ill over Labor Day weekend and needed to find a way to keep Noodlebug occupied. We have had some fantastic weather so I thought it might be fun to set up an outdoor art station.  We pulled out the tabletop easel that I had gotten from Discount School Supply:

I filled up a recycled tin can with brushes and set out a bunch of washable Crayola paints.  Since I know how fun texture can be, I also put out some textured rollers and brushes that I found at Discount School Supply:

I grabbed an old disposable food tin and filled it with paint for the rollers.

I started stocking up on products from Discount School Supply after we took some art classes at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. I asked the teachers where they found all the cool supplies and paints that they used and they always said "Discount School Supply!"

Noodlebug has always loved to paint and he has rediscovered that love since starting Kindergarten.  He has currently been working on a series of tiger paintings.  With a gnome thrown in for good measure.  I think he really enjoyed being outside in the fresh air.  And it didn't really matter if he made a big mess with the paint.  I'm tempted to just leave the whole setup outside for when inspiration strikes him.  Maybe next time, I'll join him.

(There are a few affiliate links inside this post to direct you to the exact products that we used.)

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