Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ART IS YOU Petaluma 2013

Tomorrow is the kickoff of this year's ART IS YOU here in Petaluma. I'm so excited.  This year, I'm taking a two-class with Sharon Payne Bolton called "Between the Pages."  We are going to be making our own artist books and I'm so excited!!!

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I was also going to take a class with Cathe Holden but it got cancelled.  I'm so bummed about that!  I'm still planning on volunteering at the Registration desk so, if you are coming, you may see me there.

I'll also be at ART TRUNK and this Saturday we have the wonderful Halloween and Vine show. It's going to be a big weekend in Petaluma!

I had great plans to do something special for trades but I may not get them done.  I'll post photos if I do.  I'll give you a recap when it's all over!

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