Friday, September 20, 2013

"Sesame Street" and Cookie Monster

I dearly loved Sesame Street when I was a child.  In fact, I loved it so much that I ended up making it a part of my Master's degree project!  I am so happy that Sesame Street's legacy continues on and that my son has been able to enjoy it as well.  I worry about the day when he will feel too old for it.  But right now, he still loves it at age 5.

My favorite character was always Cookie Monster. When I got the chance to participate in a live chat with Cookie Monster, I jumped at the chance.  We all got to ask Cookie questions about everything from his eating habits to life on Sesame Street.  It was so fun!

Season 44 of Sesame Street premiered on the 16th and we are already enjoying it. I especially appreciate their focus this season of teaching children about self-regulation. A very important skill for preschool and Kindergarten!  The first episode focused on jealousy and recognizing your jealous feelings and figuring out how to deal with them.  The second episode was all about respect.  My son is on the bigger side and can sometimes have trouble with pushing in moments of excitement.  He and I watched Rosita deal with her own issues with pushing and how she learned to control herself and realize the importance of safety and respect. 

We are also loving the new segment this season called "Cookie's Crumbly Pictures."  This segment parodies famous movies and reinforces this season's self-regulation curriculum.  The first episode was a James Bond spoof which was probably even funnier to my husband and I than to our son.  Cookie had to learn to be patient and wait for COMPLETE directions before being able to enter the villain's secret lair.

To read more about season 44 and its focus, go here.

And Cookie's latest music video, "Me Want It (But Me Wait)" will have you dancing all day today:

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