Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Birthday Recap

Well, we made it to Disneyland and back.  We had a wonderful time and it was successful in diverting my attention from the fact that my baby is turning 6 and I am turning 39. At least for a little while. Kindergarten will be over in less than two weeks. I am having a very difficult time with that.  While not perfect, I think I have been a pretty good mom to a small child.  I worry about how well I will do with a big kid. I hate seeing him outgrow all the things I dearly love and have to focus on the idea that maybe new things will replace them. It's very hard and I am not handling it well.

Besides Disneyland, I had the stomach flu to distract me from my birthday.  That was kind of a bummer.  I get so few three-day weekends and I cherish them as rare and precious time with my family and son.  I did rally enough to go to see the new X-Men movie. Loved it!  And I did get to spend a little time with family and friends which means so much to me.

My friend Susie knows how much I love the Timmy Failure books.

Although the books are for kids, Susie and I love them. I think they are laugh-out-loud funny. The third one comes out this Fall. Susie is a talented artist and made me a very special birthday present:

She put Timmy Failure into a special picture just for me! Isn't it wonderful?!

I'm a lucky woman! 

My Summer schedule is now starting. In June and July, I work four ten-hour days and get Fridays off. I'm hoping to finally have some time to clean out my workroom and do something creative.  I haven't made a single creative thing in months. 

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