Monday, May 12, 2014

Perfectly Imperfect Mother's Day Gift

My mother loves plants so Noodlebug and I decided to put together a living gift for Mother's Day. I used the same Eco pots from Joann's that I used for our Teacher Appreciation gifts.

I grabbed a couple of round sponge applicators from the tshirt/fabric paint aisle at Joann's and filled a small palette with white acrylic paint.  Noodle was able to dip the sponge applicator in the paint and make a circle on the pots.  You will see that the paint dripped sometimes.  It helps for your paint to be really thick.

Once the pots were done, Noodle and Daddy filled the bottom pot with soil and placed the smaller pot on top. Then they filled the edges with flowers and the top pot with flowers.  It is a little bit of a Leaning Tower of Pisa flower pot but Grandma loved it.

If we did this project again, I would try to find smaller flowers for the whole thing and definitely thicker paint!


Shelly said...

ADORABLE!! And wanted to let you know I'm still reading your posts and enjoying them!! Hugs!! -Shelly

Amy Malaise said...

I have been LOVING all the creative things I have seen you doing on Facebook!