Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nightmare Before Christmas Junkie

Tim Burton's NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (NBC) came out my senior year of high school. I have always been a fan of Tim Burton because he shares my whimsical sensibilities. When I heard he was coming out with an animated holiday movie, I could barely contain my excitement. I sat through the movie the first time with an utter look of delight frozen on my face. I couldn't understand why it wasn't an immediate success. Luckily, I bought several NBC toys at the Disney Store because the movie was a flop and they yanked all the toys very quickly. I did have one lucky break, though. I went to college in San Antonio and the McNay Art Museum owns a large number of NBC sets and figures that they display almost every year. At least I had that.

And then something happened...

Several years later, NBC experienced a kind of rebirth. It is now a cult film that is especially popular among teenagers for some reason. (this really intrigues the anthropologist side of me) There is even a shop dedicated to NBC merchandise at Disneyland now. And I was able to get my own Sally costume a few years ago. Can I tell you how excited I was when the film was released in 3-D last year? My husband drove me to the nearest big city just so I could see it. I was positively vibrating in my seat. NBC is funny, sad, romantic, spooky...What can I say? There is just something about this movie.

Enjoy one of my favorite scenes above and have a great weekend!!!

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