Thursday, January 24, 2008

Back to the (Scrapping) Grindstone

Hello my friends!

I am back from Texas where I had a lovely long weekend with my mom eating and shopping. Got lots of fun clothes for baby!

I have been thinking that it might be a good time to knuckle down and get my wedding scrapbook done. I haven't even started it yet! (My wedding was in July 2006) I need to get that finished and then my honeymoon scrapbook done because pretty soon, I will have to start a baby scrapbook! It just seems like such a daunting task that I have been putting it off. I think I need a weekend where I do nothing but sit at my dining room table and scrapbook. I just never seem to have the time! And when I think about sorting through and organizing all my wedding photos....whew!!!

However, I have been spending too much time on the couch in front of the tv so at least this would be a productive sitting activity. I'm going to get right on it!

In a day or two... ;)


Sarah B. B. said...

I'm glad you had a fun trip! I completely understand about the wedding scrapbook. I found that once I started, most of it came together pretty quickly. As for the honeymoon, I just threw in the towel & made a shadowbox. Ha! Good luck scrapping. :)

Alison Gibbs said...

Happy to hear you had a fun trip.
Have fun reliving your wedding as you create your scrapbook.

Mary Isabella said...

I am glad you had a nice trip. It is so cold here in my part of Ky. It is suppose to get down to 10degrees tonight and I live in the South.LOL...Mary

HippieDog said...

Hey Darl'in!! So glad you had a lovely time and are safe and sound. Ok, so here's how you do it.....get cookies and milk for you (diet coke for me), get all your papers, pics, sparklies and glue...and just go for it! I prefer scrapbooking to Days of our lives.....but the point is.....if you have it all will be irresistably fun!! LOL right? I want lots of photos of the finished product ok? I'll start a few with you....I need to redo mine because it's too old school! Good lord, this is a long post....hope it doesn't have a cap :)xo

Amy said...

Thank you to Sarah, Alison and Mary Isabella for the well wishes. Mary Isabella---wow! That is really cold!!

Okay, Miss Michelle---We'll be scrap buddies! Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started!!!