Friday, January 25, 2008

Warm Fuzzies and a "Boo Hissy!"

Can I admit something silly?

I just get tickled pink when someone gives me one of those blog awards. It really gives me a warm fuzzy! It's always nice to be recognized and to feel valued. So, thank you to all of you who have given me a blog award and thank you to the creator of those awards too!

Now, for a "boo hissy."

I am a little over five months pregnant now and my belly really hasn't popped much. I know people look at me and are afraid to ask if I am pregnant or just overweight. I'm starting to feel self-conscious about it. At my prenatal pilates class last night, a woman who is a week behind me has a nice big belly. Not me. I seem to have gained weight all over but not especially in my belly.

A co-worker just stopped by my desk to see how big I am getting and he said, "You don't look pregnant at all! You're not trying to diet are you?!"

I know he didn't mean anything by it but it kind of hurt my feelings. Of course I wouldn't diet while pregnant!!! I can't help it if I have a small belly! I know it's a silly thing to feel sensitive about. I don't know why women get so competitive about this stuff. Myself included. It's not enough that we often fall prey to comparing ourselves with each other physically on a daily basis. But to do it while pregnant?! A good friend of mine is due today and she proudly told me that she has only gained fifteen pounds her whole pregnancy. That made me start to worry that I am gaining too much weight. I guess I just need to focus on being healthy and not worry about comparing myself to others. It's all so silly!


~*~Tamy & the SGT~*~ said...

Just remember that every woman is different ~ it also depends on genetics, 1st child or not, boy or girl, etc... As long as you're eating right and the doctor is happy with your progress, just be happy and healthy! I know my family always "popped" in the 6th month and then watch out!

Amy said...

Thanks Tamy! You are absolutely right!


Genevieve said...

I'd just say whatever you are comfortable with and your doctor says is healthy, go with it! you are pretty tall (at least, a lot taller than me!) so I would imagine the kid has more room to stretch out. My friend Erin, who is 6', never looked super pregnant the whole time, with either kid. I also think with the first kid (at least what I've noticed with my friends) it takes longer for things to pop out.

HippieDog said...

Sweet Amy.........Oh Finally someone that carries babies like me!! LOL Everyone is different, so don't worry one little bit :) I really didn't start showing until my 7th month and then OH BABY! Then everyone was saying the opposite! You still have two more months??! lol People are goofy!! Just be proud and glisten!!xo

Christy said...

Give yourself a break Amy! All that matters is that you and that baby are healthy. Concentrate on the wonder of what's happening right now because the next 4 months will go by so quickly.

I lost weight during my first trimester with DS and only gained a total of 17 pounds. Believe me, I was very surprised to deliver a baby that was just over 8 pounds!

bluemuf said...

Try not to worry over what other people say. Just go with how you feel and what your doctor has to say.

This is a special time of your life and you need to enjoy it.


Mary Isabella said...

When I was pergeant The first time I gained 6lbs. I worked as a waitress and since I did not drive I walked all over the small town in which I live. so I got so much exercise. When my baby girl was born she was a very healthly 6lbs and 1oz.. So I totally agree with Tammy, be healthly and happy....Smiles to you...Mary

Vallen said...

You're nice and tall and i ti sn't unusual at all that you are just looking a little 'tween. I was the same (only my five months came in the summer - ack bathing suit season) You will get big enough soon enough. You are just right for you.

Amy said...

Thank you! Your are all the absolute best. I can always count on my blogging friends to set me straight and give me support!!!


The Tattered Rose said...

Amy, I think there is a great deal of difference in how folks carry weight, even pregnancy weight. One of my fav pics of my mother is one when she was 7 months pregnant with my older sister. She's wearing a fitted shirt waist dress with a belt! My Sis and I have delighted in that pic almost all our lives...Mom doesn't even look be sure and take some pics so your dear baby will have stories of his own to tell.
Trish G.