Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Couldn't Resist the Cuteness!

I was wandering around the mall last night after picking up the latest round of Make-a-Wish Santa letters at Macy's and I found this adorable outfit at Gymboree. I couldn't resist. How cute will my baby look in this? Maybe I'll pop him in it for his eight-month photo. (his seven month photo will be in two days!!!)

I'm almost done with the teddy bear that I knitted Aidan for Christmas. It just needs a face. I promise to post a photo when I'm done. Hope you are all having a lovely holiday season!!!

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HippieDog said...

So super cute Amy! We're going shopping for Jake's Christmas Eve Party outfit tomorrow :) Please post pics of Aidan and that little bear I've been waiting for. Thanks for the Christmas card! You have a gorgeous family :) xo