Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Catching Up

Hello Friends!!!
I'm writing from Flu Central here.  My husband got it first.  Noodlebug has it. Grandma is fighting it and I am using my entire arsenal of remedies to avoid getting it. Not much rest for the wicked! However, we managed to get have a few nice moments this past weekend. I did make it to Halloween and Vine and saw so many wonderful things. I couldn't afford any big ticket items but I bought a cute bat wand that I will post a photo of later. We also made it to the Walt Disney Family Museum preview event. It has the feel of a presidential museum as it provides a chronological view of Walt Disney's life and the evolution of his animation. There are so many wonderful items and pieces of memoribilia including the famous Oscar and seven mini-Oscars from SNOW WHITE and the earliest known drawings of Mickey Mouse.

I'm getting ready to pull out my Halloween decorations. I am attending a Good Witch/Bad Witch party at the Woman's Club in a few weeks and I have decided to go as Samantha from BEWITCHED. I'm going to wear a black shirtwaist dress with this apron that I found on Etsy:

It was made by FlapperGirl and is so cute!!!  I'm still working on Noodlebug's Halloween costume. He is going as Charlie Brown.  I just need some black shorts and I'm thinking of making a small sheet with "holes" all over it to go with it.  I'm so excited that it is starting to feel like Fall around here!!!  Now, if the stores would just let me enjoy it and not start forcing Christmas on us already!!!


Gary said...

Wow, lots of stuff going on! I had been curious what you thought about the Disney museum and it sounds like it was worth seeing. Love all the costume ideas, too.

I hope everyone recovers from the flu soon. What a drag.

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh dear the dreaded flu - trouble is it works its way around the whole family.
Love that cute halloween apron.

bluemuf said...

Hi Amy, Will keep my fingers crossed that your flu bugs moves on very quickly. What a cute idea for Noodlebug's costume. I also love the apron.

Hugs Karen