Monday, October 4, 2010

Dear Santa...

I'm starting my list early this year because I have been a very mostly good girl. 

Will you please bring me this book?

It would really help me with my sewing projects.

Also, I could really use gift certificates to support my various habits that have become true luxury items in my family's current economic status:

Joann's Fabrics
Cinema West movie theaters

Thanks, Santa.

You're the best!!!

(What's on YOUR list?)


Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

I Love this post, the book looks amazing & I also love gift certificates for the Holiday.... I actually asked for a subscription to E-Harmony (online dating) I have been Divorced for 13 years, time to get out there! Hope Santa is up to the challenge for both of us...

heidi said...

Yes! Someone like me....making their lists!!! I had an "ah ha" moment in my kitchen the other day and started writing my list:
1. a year's supply of Ziplock bags, gallon size and quart size.

I just love these bags and use them for everything. However, they are actually very spendy! LOL What do you think Santat is going to say when he sees this on my list?

And that's just Number 1....

Amy said...

Cheryl--What a wonderful idea!!!I love it!! I hope you have lots of fun with the experience.

Heidi--Great idea! I use Ziplocs for everything and I especially love those giant storage ones for the garage and the linen closet. Hmmmm....may have to add that to the list!


Jen said...

HMMMM, a Janome serger, a Keurig, and about 8 extra hours in the day to get all of my projects done! I'm following from MBC!

Jenny said...

I spent time with Deborah in Atlanta last June and she is great! Such a fun gal to hang around with! The book is awesome. I flipped through it at the store the other day.