Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Highs and Lows

Well, the Craft Bazaar went well.  All of the toddler aprons that I made sold which made me happy.  My mother picked up some hand-carved cars for Noodlebug for Christmas.  They are amazing.  An elderly gentleman in our church makes them.  What was even more special was that he and his wife celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary this past weekend!!!  I picked up this Fall item for myself:

I'm going to hang it on the wall.

Noodlebug picked out this penguin family of hand-painted gourds:

Aren't they sweet? 

On Sunday was the big event I have been waiting for since last year.  It was a trick-or-treat fundraiser at a local children's museum.  I had worked hard to get Noodlebug's costume ready and we arrived right on the dot.  As we were getting out of the car, Noodlebug accidentally kicked me in the eye.  I thought I was going to pass out from the pain.  We didn't know it then but the kick had scratched my cornea in several places.  So, not only was I in pain all day but I was also blinded.  And it poured down rain.  I couldn't really see anything. I missed out on all the decorations and getting to see Noodlebug play the games. It was such a let-down. I soldiered through but when it was time to leave I broke down in the car from disappointment.  And a little bit from pain.

My husband and I went to the emergency room and got my eye looked at.  After drops and pain meds and keeping it covered, it appears to be a bit better now.

Here is a photo of us at the event. I have my eyes closed and Noodlebug's costume is covered by a raincoat:

Oh, well. Maybe next year....

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