Monday, October 25, 2010

No Tricks Just Treats

You know those women who seem to be able to do it all?  Well, Kim is one of those women. In between her mom duties, her non-profit work and training for an Ironman triathlon, she created some wonderful Halloween goodies for me and packaged them up so beautifully.  It felt like Christmas when I opened the box!

A wonderful wall hanging

A garland and some beautiful cards

BOO blocks that Noodlebug had fun stacking
The Sweetest Handmade Cat with Noodlebug's name on it

I wish my photography was better.  I really don't do these pieces justice.  She also made me an adorable cat pin which I can't WAIT to wear. You'll have to wait for the big reveal!!!!

Of course, sometimes the simple things are the most fun:

I can't believe he fit in the box!!!  You can't see it but his new kitty is in there too.

Thank you, Kim, for all of our Halloween goodies!!!!

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