Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Catching Up

Well, like so many of you, we have illness in our household. Noodlebug has a fever, a cough and is throwing up.  My poor baby!!!  Still, he remains very sweet in spite of his illness.

Here is a much-delayed photo of him in the pajama pants I made. I don't know why but he looks about 10 years old in this photo:

I'll post info on the pattern later but I think it was an easy Simplicity pattern with an elastic waist.

Here are some quick and easy Valentine bags I did using Jenny's great tutorial:

(Again with the sideways photos!!! i don't know why this happens!!!)

I will definitely be making more of these tote bags. Fast and easy!!!!

And here is a photo of Noodlebug and his Grandma (he calls her Tutu) at our local children's museum:

He has been taking Messy Art classes there for about a year.  When we first started, he wanted nothing to do with the paint. He was afraid to put his hands in it and wouldn't even consider his feet. Now, he has no problem getting messy.  And it makes me happy because kids SHOULD get messy!  Especially when being creative.

Happy Wednesday!!!


Heidi said...

Oh, I'm sorry he's sick! I hope this goes away quickly! NOW....where is the picture of YOU in your jammies??? :)
Hugs, Heidi

Amy said...

Heidi--Still working on that! I had to switch over to Valentine's projects. I'll get MY jammies done soon!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Hope he feels better soon...hugs...m.

Jenny said...

Those tote bags are perfect for Valentines!