Friday, February 4, 2011

The Truth about BidRack *UPDATED*

**UPDATE #3**
It has been several months since I posted about this site but I have been reading all of your comments.   I know some of you claim to have had good experiences with this site and others have just joined and are excited about getting great bargains in a penny auction.

There is no such thing as a penny auction.

Bidrack is constantly changing its policies but generally each bid (if you buy a bid package) costs you anywhere from 50 cents to $1. Every time you "bid" a penny on an item, you are spending at least 50 cents. As one astute commenter pointed out, this means that an iPad that goes for $150 is really being sold for 15,000 bids or approximately $7500.  Not a bad deal for Bidrack. Even if some of those were free bids given to bidders. To have them claim they cannot fulfill an order after making this kind of profit is ludicrous. You shouldn't believe it and you shouldn't take anything less than the item you bid on.

It has been made clear time and again that the big auctions are rigged.  I have only ever had one commenter claim to win an iPad.  Everyone other winner seems to win cheap handbags, jewelry and other items that I'm sure are knockoffs and cheaply made.  I never hear of people winning high-end items like Louis Vuitton bags and actually getting them.

Bidrack is genius in that they tend to substitute items and then offer you free bids in order to placate you. These free bids will help to drive up the selling price of an item and, therefore, Bidrack's profit.

If you are happy winning cheap items that are probably worth less than what you pay for shipping then you will probably be happy with this site.  Otherwise, I still say Buyer Beware.

**UPDATE #2**  I checked my credit card account this morning (3/21/11) and BidRack did indeed credit back all my money. I never won a single thing on BidRack and they refunded all my money for the bid package. So, I didn't end up losing anything but it was certainly a disappointing experience. Please read through all the comments to see the experience of others.

**UPDATE**  Since I first posted this, there have been many negative changes to BidRack.  They have altered their policies and many people have not received any of the the auction items they "won." Please take some time to read through the comments on this post.  Personally, I contacted BidRack to ask for a full refund and to shut down my account.  They responded within hours and refunded my money entirely.  I never won a single auction.

I have been seeing lots of buzz about the new auction site called BidRack and thought I'd check it out. First of all, I find it suspicious that they would need to falsify testimonials.  That is never a good sign. Still, I'm a woman who loves a bargain and I'm a reformed eBay addict so I thought I would look into BidRack a bit further.

First of all, you have to buy bids.  For $60, you can get 120 bids.  So each bid costs you about 50 cents. When you use your bids, you are raising the purchase price by 1 cent.  If you choose to do this, do NOT bid on any items until the last fifteen seconds. Otherwise, you are just throwing your bid away.  Most of the action is in the last fifteen seconds.  Every time someone bids in the last fifteen seconds, the timer goes back to 00:15.  So, it can be the last fifteen seconds for A LONG TIME.   The idea behind this website is that every bid increases the price by one penny.  Whoever places the last bid before the timer runs out gets to purchase the item at the final price. So, theoretically, you can get an iPad for a fraction of the price.


You do not get back the bids that you throw away use on an auction.  The site claims that you can apply what you spent in bids towards the full retail price of the item if you lose.  So, here is what you have to do.  Let's say you are bidding on an iPad which retails at around $500. You spent $60 on bids and you want to aim for buying the iPad at no more than $250.  So, you should stop bidding at around $190 if you don't want to go over your limit.  You may run out of bids before it hits this price.  Or the timer could run out. I suppose if you used all your bids and lose, they would offer the iPad to you for $440.  Whoopee.

I'm not sure this whole thing is a good deal and I'm not even sure it isn't a scam. It seems like a giant time and money suck.  If I find out differently, I'll let you know. But for now I am labeling this service "buyer beware."


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Anonymous said...

I was definitely skeptical about the site. They have a "Win Guarantee" which states that if you purchase at least the $60 - 120 bid package, you are guaranteed a win. If you use the 120 bids, and you haven't won an auction yet, then they will credit the 120 bids to your account over and over again until you get your first win.

I bought this package. I used my 120 bids 3 times (during the same auction) and each time I called the customer service number and they credited me back the bids immediately. I was able to win the auction, an iPad for $79.77. With the $2 flat rate shipping and the $60 package, I got a 16GB iPad for $141.77!!!

But, now that I have won, the guarantee doesn't apply to me anymore. I don't really like the format of the site. I wouldn't have done it without that guarantee. And, now that I no longer qualify for it, I won't bid on this site again after I use up the rest of my bids.

eGarrison said...

Pretty blog. I followed you from the MBC under 100 group. I hope that you will follow me as well:

Amy said...

Anon--That's good to know. The guarantee does seems to help things but i think I would pick one item and work towards getting it and then never bid again.

eGarrison--I'll be heading over to follow you back!!!


Jenny said...

Did you see Dana's post on her blog ( I would not buy anything from a business that chooses to steal photos and falsify testimonials. Bad feeling about this one!

Jodi said...

Hi there,
I’m your newest follower from MBC. Great site! Please follow me at and join me of FB too!/pages/Jodi-Lee/172740309414167

Anonymous said...

Well there was actually a great way to make some money for a few days. Since you can use your bids like a credit if you don't win to "Buy It Now," you could bid up to the amount of the item (each bid WAS worth 45 cents) and then purchase the item. Then, since you hadn't technically won the auction, you could ask for your bids back. However, they caught on to this quickly and now won't give bids back if you make a purchase. That is the problem with this site. They haven't thought things through and keep changing the rules without telling customers and without changing the advertising on their website.

The NEW thing they pulled today-- your bids are no longer worth 45 cents as advertised on the website. If you choose "Buy It Now," you will find that your bids are only worth 30 cents. Advertising still shows 45 cents. NOT OKAY. Especially since you originally pay approximately 50 cents for each bid. I emailed customer service today and have yet to hear back.

Most important thing to note before you get involved with this website is the overall picture. They are trying to get you caught up into thinking that you are winning an auction for "pennies." Each bid only makes the price go up one penny. However, what did you pay to make it go up one penny? 50 cents! So remember-- when you see that an iPad went for $79, multiply that by 50. That is the real cost of the iPad. The person who won might not have paid $3900 for that iPad, but as a collective whole, the bidders DID. Yes, some might get their bids back...or BidRack might decide to change the rules again. Do you want to risk that?

Elle said...

I only joined the website because was offering 10 free bids. This is no better than any of the other penny auction sites. In fact, it's worse because they don't even offer many items. Right now, there are no beginner bids and almost all the auctions are handbags, hats, Target cards, or bid packs. So not worth it! I should have known the site would not be very good because NMR has never had anything I wanted to buy either. Oh well.

Crystal said...

Hi- Would love to hear if anyone's had their items shipped or marked as shipped yet?

I won an item with one of my free bids that they sent out to Nomorerack customers today. I'm a bit wary though; seems like quite a few people won things and have had their cards charged. Haven't heard of anyone having their order shipped yet.. Gave customer service a call and they say that their warehouse is backed up, but that you should receive tracking information once your order does ship. Hope everyone is careful until we find out more about this site!

Sarah said...


I won a dance revolution game for my daughter for 56 cents. It was marked as "Order Currently Processing" but I received it in the mail today. It took about 10 days to get it. Hope that helps :)

Missy B said...

Ok, I was a fan of, even scored a cute pair of boots for 12 bucks (10 bucks off the 20.00 boots from a promotion plus the 2 dollar shipping) I have found other good deals, but didnt buy quick enough (item sold out) I'll admit their handbags in my opinion are OVERPRICED, i can get many of those brands at TjMaxx or Ross for 1/4 of the the xoxo brand (not a huge designer) they had their bag for over 20 bucks! Ross would have sold it for under 10! Anyways sorry to be sooo off topic BUT this bidrack actually makes me feel like nomorerack is a bad company, even tho I have had no issues with NMR at all...its just this is a complete scam (bidrack) they cant say something "sold" for a price no where near what the buyer actually paid! Plus the fact that the timer goes another 15 seconds everytime someone bids is crazy...does ebay do that? No, when a auction is expired...guess what, you cant just bid and get a brand new start...thats's ridiculous! I don't think I'll be using as a matter of ethics as a matter of fact, I feel like they creativly introduced first to gain a clientel and a "familiar" feel so that the REAL scam can begin (that being bidrack) uuughh I'm mad...grrr!! LOL

Crystal said...

Sarah- Thanks for letting me know; now I can relax a bit. Guess I have an iPad coming in the mail soon :D

Josh said...

Nomorerack and bidrack both do come through in providing the items. I have received 2 IPOD Touch's that I received through the Nomorerack referral thing. And to my surprise they are 32GB ones that are worth over $350 in the store. SO therefore I got $700 in entertainment for my children free. I now have won 3 purses valued at about $180 collectively on bidrack while spending $60 in bids. So far I am satisfied.

Anonymous said...

Bidrack is a form of gambling. Be warned.

It is very easy to spend a lot of money on the site. It is certainly possible to come out with a big win. However, it is very easy to spend your bids and come out with very little. If you want the bid-guarantee to work, as others mentioned, you can't win any other auction. So even though you can snag a watch for $0.04 sometimes (+ $2 shipping), you then can't get any bids back. It is possible to win a lot of the lower-end items, but make sure you're not spending your money thinking you're just getting a bunch of stuff for pennies, because the bids are costly.

I have spent more money than I'd like to admit on the site. I have won merchandise and gift cards worth more than I spent, but still, I very easily could have lost it all.

Be careful people. There are certainly winners, but there are definitely losers too.


Natalie said...

I'm really concerned. I spent $125 on the site and won a matchbox car set, Mac eyeshadow, a $25 Target card, and a $50 Sears card. That was Feb 4th. My orders page STILL says "Processing" and I have not received any emails confirming that my orders shipped. I emailed and called customer service and both times they said they couldn't give me a tracking number but my items would definitely be there in 2-3 weeks. Well, it's been 18 days and they have my money and I have NOTHING! I'm starting to worry I've been ripped off and this is either a scam or a very unorganized company that has lost my items and has no intention of finding them! UGH!!!! Never again will I deal with Bidrack!

Natalie said...

Sorry, forgot to add the check box on my last comment so I can follow this discussion. :)

Candace said...

I'm trying to cut them some slack since they just started out, although it IS taking a freaking long time to ship out things. I have heard several people report receiving smaller ticket items- anyone received a large on yet?

Anonymous said...

I won things beginning around the 5the month; I got started by buying a deal on nomorerack on the 4th. Today is the 25th and none of my measly small-ticket items have shown up. They don't respond promptly to your emails; there doesn't seem to be a 'thread' of communication in-house there. One email said something had shipped out and to respond promptly if I hadn't seen it yet. I responded that I hadn't received the item yet and that person gave the old - it takes 2 to 3 weeks and hold your horses. I haven't lost a ton of money but I really don't like it when companies don't deliver on what they market and sell.

Anonymous said...

I've won a ton of things on bidrack. Mostly gift cards. I recently received one physical item, the cheapest thing I won (a small toy valued at maybe $10). Everything else is still "Processing" after up to 3 weeks. I'd be interested to hear if anyone's received a gift card or "featured item" from them yet.

I think it's probably NOT a scam specifically BECAUSE they keep changing their terms to make the system worse for the customer. If it was a scam, they'd leave it as favorable as possible. (as of this moment, you can no longer apply your bids to losing auctions at all, which changes things quite a bit)

I hope so, anyway.

Natalie said...

I have good news! Bidrack actually did refund all of my money! Phew! I was really nervous.

Anonymous said...


Did you get your items? Thought you were waiting for them to arrive. Glad you got a refund, if that's what you were requesting (but I want my items! :p ;) )

Anonymous said...

Bidrack has changed the terms and conditions of the win guarantee. IT now only applies to $10 beginner auctions. Anyone who had bought bids before have lost their bids and Bidrack is refusing to refund their money.

Anonymous said...

Got my bids reset but it places them as bonus bids and was told that I needed to read the new FAQs as they have changed... refering to this policy now only affecting beginner actions but that they would reset them this time... Anyway won a beginner auction and now looked at my account and it says 0 bids.. what? I still had at least 70 left and now have nothing! Reread the FAQS and it now says that all bonus bids expire in 24 hours. This is crazy they keep changing everything and I don't think that my reset bids should be considered bonus bids.

Anonymous said...

I purchased bids and they just took 102 bids out of my account because it said they were free bids that expired in 24 hours. First of all, they were purchased bids. Second of all, it would be impossible to rack up 102 bids on the bid wheel in 24 hours. Third of all, rules keep changing. When I purchased those bids, the 24 hour expiration wasn't even written on their website. I one 4 items, it has been over a month, and I haven't seen any of them yet. I think its a scam. And customer service will not respond!

Anonymous said...

I've been ripped off too. Class action lawsuit? Anyone know anything about getting one started?

Anonymous said...

I also purchased a "bid pack" and won a 15 bid voucher which was placed in my bonus bids, they all went missing after this new "24 hour" time frame. My bids had gone missing before, purchased as well as "bonus" so they reset them. Two days later the same thing happend and tried to contact them with out response. I would love a class action lawsuit against them. I can not see how it is legal to change the policies that often, esp if your bids were won or purchased before the changes.

Anonymous said...

Should be able, at least, to tell the credit card company that the charges made were fraudulent (in this case, you paid for something they didn't deliver, i.e. your bids) and have them reverse it..?

I'm giving bidrack a little bit longer, but not much. They owe me a lot of stuff, AND I have a "delayed" nomorerack order as well, which makes the whole thing really fishy.

Carol said...

I'm worried about this site too. I have emailed them 4 times and they won't respond. I tried calling them and was put on hold forever. Finally someone answered the phone but kept saying hello, hello, and acted like they were talking to someone saying I can't hear them. I'm yelling HELLO but they hung up. I called back and after 15 minutes of holding a message came on saying customer serice is busy leave a message and they will get back to you. Of course they haven't called me back. I won a iTouch and a few gift cards and haven't seen them yet. I have spent a lot of money already on this site and have NOTHING to show for it. I keep hoping it isn't a SCAM but it is looking mighty fishy!!

Natalie said...

Yes! Defninetly call you credit card company or bank if you used your check card and have them dispute the charges. They can refund the money back into your account. I did that and they told me that since bidrack said they were refunding my money, they had to allow 15 days for them to do that. So, if you haven't asked for a refund, the bank may be able to refund your money faster than bidrack actually will - since they don't seem to be consistent on refunds either.

Natalie said...

Carol - I had the same experience more than once where I was hung up on after waiting a long time to speak to someone.

Also, someone asked if I was waiting for my items. I thought I shared this but I guess I didnt. I found two websites that exposed fraudulant acts by bidrack.

The first - they forged their verisign badge and actually are not members of verisign at all.

The second - they stole people's pictures off of their personal blogs, photoshopped them, changed their names and created fake customer testimonials.

After reading those things, I was no longer willing to wait for my items that would probably never arrive.

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to work on getting my 102 purchased bids back. They are trying to tell me that I bid on an iPad with them. Well, truth be - I didn't. It doesn't even show up in my bid history. So I don't know what they are referring to. As a "nice gesture", they credited me back 25 bids which all went in bonus bids, so by the time I logged in - they were gone. I emailed again and told them it looked like we needed a class action lawsuit against them. We will see.....

Natalie said...

If you guys are serious about the class action law suite, I suggest you go to some other sites like sitejabber and pennyauctionwatch and see if anyone else is interested. If you google " reviews" you will find that there are MANY very unhappy people out there who are fed up and ready to take action.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the class action lawsuit. I will join. I have won many items and only recieved two cheap things that are worth less then $10.
Amanda D

Anonymous said...

Check your accounts if you had orders from bidrack's first week. You may find your wins cancelled. Haven't seen an explanation.. the site says "please contact support", but they have my email address, so I'm pretty sure they could contact ME with something like that.

klatrucking said...

I also have won 16 items since Feb 9th. I have only received 4 of them. The first was a coach bag which I love, the 2nd was a really cheap silicone watch. they had you thinking that you were getting all the different colors, needless to say I only got a pink one. the 3rd was a very very cheap wallet that you could pick up at any dollar store. the last thing I got was a belt, which wasn't that bad. I am still waiting for the balance of my stuff. I have not purchased any other bids though I do spin the wheel everyday for the free bids. I am in for a class action suit. I will keep checking this site for any updates.


Anonymous said...

Today I recieved my Chi flat iron that I won beginning of feb. In the box was an invoice with a website to pay the balance due of $66.99!! What the heck??? I ofcourse haven't paid it. I have been trying to contact bidrack but nobody is picking up. Also the invoice has Amazon written on it and so did the return label on the box. But I am suspicious about that too. Here is the website that they told me to pay on if anyone wants to check it out. Or pay for me. JK

This is all so suspicious.
Amanda D

Anonymous said...

In response to the post above:

Hello, Amanda We are happy to hear you have received your order! I apologize for any confusion, however, you may disregard this invoice as it was probably for our use, not yours. You do not need to worry about this or do anything further, just enjoy your product! Always here to help! Best Regards,DavidBidrack - The Fun Way to Save!

Anonymous said...

After much arguing with them regarding my bids that were taken, they finally reversed my credit card charges and gave me back the original $100 spent. For anyone out there that needs to go this route, just be aware that it does take persistence and arguing with them. I still have not received anything I won off of their website. At this point, who knows. But I am done with them. Thank goodness....

Anonymous said...

At this point I don't care about the bids that were taken from me. I just want my iPad already. I am starting on week 6 with the only response being "It's going to ship out this week." That has been going on for the past 3 weeks.

I guess it's time for me to contact the BBB.

Natalie said...

I have something strange to report. If you remember, a few weeks ago I had bidrack refund all of my money and cancel all of my orders. They did refund my money. Yesterday and Today I received two of the items I won for like a few cents each from AMAZON.COM sellers. The invoice said it was from "Bidrack Dropship." So, did they lose track of the orders that were canceled or something? Are they buying stuff on Amazon and shipping them to their customers? One of the items that I bid on had a variety of make-up (like 6 were shown) and they sent ONE. Very weird.

Anonymous said...

It took forever, but I am finally receiving some won items, nothing too expensive (all under $50 or so). But like Natalie, they are mostly coming from Sellers.

It seems that BidRack made the mistake of relying on dropship companies to complete the orders, and these companies are being very slow.

I should note I am still waiting on the large assortment of gift cards I have won.

Nonetheless, I am done using Bid Rack, the wait has been ridiculous and they are "losing bids" too frequently for my liking.

Tina said...

Hi, I'm also someone who won from bidrack and haven't received it. I won an iPad on feb 6th and haven't received it. However, I won a small juicy cross body bag a week later and got it in the mail last week. Nothing has been said about the ipad, keep replying me with the same... "We're sorry, this site is new and we're trying to sort everything out as soon as possible...etc." I just won a itunes gift card and I don't expect that to come anytime soon.

As for the class action, I'd be in on it.

If they're getting stuff through amazon, how are they buying the featured items? Since the ipad 2 is out, and the original ipad drops it prices down 100 bucks, I bet bidrack is using that as a way to save money. Or not, but I can't figure out what other reason why they don't ship it out after a month.

the bids disappearing was frustrating too. imagine all your 480 bids gone... I mean... why do that to your customers? Obviously people are going to be mad, secondly, people won't have enough bids to bid and the winning price will be lower than they would have if more people bid with the more bids they have. Now I see 50 or 70 bucks for an ipad rather than 90 or 130... etc. It doesn't make people want to buy their bid packs either.

The whole... "We reserve the right to make changes to the terms and conditions without notice." SUCKS.

Anonymous said...

If you are having problems please report these guys to the bbb.

Jess said...

I won an iPad on 2/4/11, some lip gloss (fusion) on 2/14, a pair of earrings, 2 bracelets, & a watch all on 2/20, a Macys gift card on 2/22, another Macys gift card on 2/26, and an ipod classic on 3/5 (29 days after winning the iPad~though now the rules have changed to make it be 30 days, so I'm not sure if I will be receiving this item, though I have paid for it and it says processing~like every other item I have won)...NEEDLESS to say I have not received anything :-( I do have a friend who received two of her prizes (one a board game and the other was a crayon maker~so both cheaper items) I am hopeful, but don't know how far I can wait and still be able to receive a refund from my credit card company (if at all even possible.)

Has anyone been able to receive their complete money back, bid pkgs and all from either bidrack or their credit card company? I'm curious if my credit card company would refund something I DID authorize.

Anonymous said...

My take on it now is that for whatever reason, they totally dropped the ball on being able to ship the items people won (maybe them, maybe their supplier, who knows?). Now that people are getting pretty mad about everything, they're going onto Amazon and buying some of the items one by one to meet their orders.

I had a (fairly cheap) item arrive from amazon a couple of days ago, exactly the item I won.

I certainly applaud this if it's done out of a sense of honesty and trying to make things right. But they'd better get those gift cards and iPads out pretty darned soon or the site won't survive.

NYDiva said...

I am also utterly disgusted. I've won approximately 12 items beginning 2/6 & have only received 1 item (some cheap crappy pair of earrings that look like they belong in the flea market). I believe that I received that item only after calling & blatantly telling them to prove to me how they are not thieves (selling the product with no delivery & then taking back our bids). I also explained that people who joined from their inception should be "Grandfathered In" due to the rules being 1 way when we joined (FAQs said nothing about "rules subject to change at anytime w/o warning").

I then had bids that were purchased in a bidpack. Mysteriously they disappeared. I called & the rep (Tracy I believe was her name) understood my point & gave them back but put them under "Bonus Bids". After I questioned the difference between regular bids & Bonus she explained that the rules have changed & Bonus bids are only good for 24 hrs. I did not use my bids that were returned to me & they did indeed disappear the next day. Again, another form of thievery.

Well, here we are today... March 17th. I have not received the video camera, perfume, slippers, mac eye shadow, sunglasses, etc. Need I go on?

Please, please, please let me know how I can get involved in the class action lawsuit.

I will end this post with this last thought. I do know that nomorerack was on "the View" on ABC in early February. I find it ironic that all of a sudden BidRack launches within the same week. Did they think that by having those ladies discuss their crappy site (Yes, the stuff is crappy) that they would be able to get away with scamming people?

Since I have a few minutes of time on my hands... let me call right now to see where is my stuff. I will update you all.

Natalie said...

This site is a total nightmare! I'm sorry for anyone who has the misfortune of having to deal with them. Too bad we couldn't research it because it was NEW company and we assumed it would operate similarly to it's sister company - Since I have gotten all of my money back from them, I wouldn't be able to gain anything with the law suit. But, I would be more than happy to share information about what I experienced with anyone. I don't know if they take "testimonies" in a class action law-suit, but I am willing to help in anyway I can.
I didn't even know that No More Rack was on the View. Maybe we should tell them they need to update their viewers on this company to prevent misleading people into a fraudulent scam. Also, I got some Mac eyeshadow. Notice how the picture and description listed something like 6 sets? Yeah, there was only one tiny little set and I didn't get to choose a color.
I would recommend that anyone who has not received their items call their credit card company and have them dispute the charges on the grounds that you never received the items. Not receiving items or services you were charged for is grounds for a dispute. Also, my credit card company told me that since I had requested a refund, they technically had to allow the company 15 days to refund my money. So, I think it would work faster if you don't request the refund and then just ask your CC Company to dispute it.

Carrie G said...

did anyone else get the email saying we're sorry due to our supplier we can't ship your item emails? My friend and I both got them and we have won different things - it's not specific as to what they are talking about and they want to give us bids back. UMMM>>>i'm calling and getting my $$ back or else i'm filing fraud charges.

Amanda M. said...

I also received the email regarding the supplier issues. To date, I have won 9 items but only received 3 of them. I paid for my items via PayPal and filed disputes this evening on the money I paid for the 6 items I have yet to receive. I will also be filing a claim with the Better Business Bureau. Luckily, I only bought the small bid pack and invested very little of my money.

Anonymous said...

I also got the same email. I emailed Bidrack and asked for a refund for the bidpack and any charges after that point for items I did not get. I dont want Bidpacks! I'm done with that website. I'm also going to file something with BBB, which I told them. And if I do not hear back from them I will contact my bank as well.

Anonymous said...

I "won" 28 auctions on bidrack. A couple of them were for very nice things. So far, I received one lipstick and one wallet that looks like it is from a dollar store. Today, I received an e-mail telling me that they are unable to ship my items due to supplier problems. They offered me bids in place of my items. I called and they said, yes, due to "supplier problems" none of the other 26 items would be sent. I said I did not want anymore bids from them. The representative did offer to refund every cent I have ever paid them. Now, I'm just waiting to see if they do. What a bunch of rats! I will never use the site again.

Jess said...

Like EVERYONE else I too received the e-mail (my friend who hasn't won anything even received the e-mail) so this is suspicious, like they are trying some kind of "bait n switch" technique or something, where they want to see who will take advantage of the bids over their items...My question is how can they say they do not have the items when they are still auctioning them off (i.e. the iPad I won) ?? Ridiculous!!

Jossi said...

Over six weeks ago, I discovered BidRack through Nomorerack's website. I had purchased items from them in the pass with success and assumed BidRack would be just as reputable. NOT!!!!
After purchasing $120.00 in bid packages. I won't a cheap rubber watch, Calvin Klein cologne AND a $1400 LV handbag. I got the first two items, but after many phone calls and messages to their company, I still have not recieved the handbag. And like many of you, I got the email today telling me that the supplier is having inventory problems. I can't tell you how furious that made me. I sent them a nasty email and waited on the phone listenting to their music-on-hold for over 15 minutes and left them a nasty voicemail as well. It will be intereting to see what kind of response I get, but I'm not counting on it. I'm ready to take my paper trail to report them to the BBB AND I would recommend that everyone contact their local attorney general's office. They may be able to start legal actions against this company if there is enough stir.

Anonymous said...

What about all the people who bid on an item at bidrack and didn't win? Bidrack gets to keep their money even though, it turns out, there never was an item in the first place. This is a total scam. Everyone who every purchased any bids from bidrack should demand 100 percent of their money back. I've shopped at Nomorerack for the last 8 months or so, but never again. I am done with this company!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, their supplier ran out of gift cards. I've heard there's a massive gift card shortage out there... very hard to find.

Gonna ask for a full refund of all charges.

Anonymous said...

Oh, also I won a Sunbeam fleece blanket that never arrived.. Guess what they had on nomorerack just a day or two ago? The same blanket! So are they out of stock or not??

carrie g said...

I was finally able to get through to customer service late yesterday and the guy on the line told me that there was a "computer glitch" that erased everyone's pending order from March 15 and back. But surprise surprise when he brought up my account he could see what I'd won. I told him that I felt bad for him as an employee that he worked for such a crooked company that was ripping people off and telling them lies..and that I was reporting them to the BBB, all the websites/blogs I could and the banking industry. Oh this company ticks me off

Tina said...

Is anyone going to/ filing class action lawsuit? Should be done asap... I want to be a part of it!

This is ridiculous. They probably didn't expect so much traffic and lost so money by having items bid off at such a low price and couldn't handle it... then tried to change all the terms to save their lives. In which I don't think is working at all since they're losing so many customers and we can all see items are auctioning off at even lower prices. I just don't understand WHY THE HECK they keep auctioning the same stuff off!

how is there a gift card shortage? ridiculous.

Tina said...

Btw, can someone tell me how to file a complaint to BBB? I just want to know how to find bidrack on there. There is one in OK and one in AZ... which one is correct?

Anonymous said...

Currently bid rack is telling everyone who bought that the because of a problem with the supplier they can not give us the gift cards we won. We can get the our bids back for the item we won. Plus as a bonus we can get a cheap piece of junk jewelry. I strongly suggest that people request money back (the 60.00 spent on the first bid pack) and if they do not contact your credit card quickly. I plan to talk to my CC company on Monday. If you aren't totally against penny auctions at this point QuiBids is honest. They will send you your item.I switched to them and have received all the items I won.

Tina said...

Is anyone actually taking up their offer on the bids?

NYDiva said...

I called the other day as I said I was going to. I spoke to a lady (Sandy) who was apologetic (as they all seem to be) and told me that my order was not on their shipping list & the manager had stepped out (don't they always when an angry customer's on the line?). She requested that I email which I did & they credited me on Thurs w/only 20 bids. Of course they are bonus bids & now gone. Friday, I got the same email as everyone else did that's offering that cheap, crapyy, junk. My thing is... if this stuff didn't get shipped the 1st time, why on God's green earth would I accept their offer for my bids back?

I agree with another poster that they bit off more than they could chew & cannot fulfill their end of the bargain for whatever reason. I want nothing to do w/this place & I plan on looking into today filing a complaint w/BBB as well as what is involved in starting a class action suit (I will update you all w/my findings for those that are interested in joining the bandwagon). I will say however, if we do pursue class action, are we will able to even if we request our money back?

And I'm utterly disgusted, aggravated, etc!! I feel so bad for their employees which is why I try to be nice to them on the phones(not their fault they work for scam artists/crooks). These people are nothing but scammers!!

Lastly, I am amazed at how I am able to login & see all of my winnings (camcorder, perfume, etc) but they cannot? I don't understand why they cannot get their "new shipper" to now send these items to make good on their word to customers.

David said...

I won a TV over 3 weeks ago. Just the other day I received the dreaded "unable to fulfill your order due to supply issues," even though they were auctioning off the very same TV that day! I say they are a bunch of liars and deserve to be sued.

Anonymous said...

Once again, I too received the email that the items I won will not ship. Yet, as agreed with the above posts, one was for a Sunbeam blanket that was on nomorebid the other day and one for an ipod nano (which comes up to auction almost daily still). Go figure. I also agree that the things they offer as a "gift" with your return of bids is junk they couldn't get rid of. Here I go again arguing with them to return my money - the original money spent on the bid pack as well as the cost of the items and the $2 shipping for each item. But to date, they still are not responding. And what a farce for those that used bids on those items, didn't win, and they get to keep the money. They still made money at everyone else's expense. To me, that is FRAUD! I too would be willing to go in with others on a class action lawsuit if someone knew how to get it going.

Lg said...

Hi all, just wanted to share my experience. I too won several auctions, paid for them and only received one cheap item. I had sent them several emails the past week, included 2 since friday when I received the same email that we all got stating that all items were unable to be shipped. I finally called the 800 number today and talked to a very nice guy who gave me a confirmation number for every one of my transactions and said I would be issued a full refund for everything but the one cheap bag I had already won, even my two bid packs I had purchased. I am not in the clear just yet since he said it could take 7-10 business days for the credit to show up in my bank account. I will keep you posted on wether or not I get my money back. I suggest everyone call the 800 number ASAP so that we can all be made whole.

Anonymous said...

I like many of you received the BS email. Many of my items are still up for auction today OR are gift cards which could never be out of inventory. I have filed a claim with both the BBB and also Arizona's Weight and Measures dept. I am not sure if this is something that W/M will help with but it seems like it should be. After all, switched items after we won and paid for them.
They are also making money off everyone that bid on the auction that lost. BS!
AND there are countless hours of time spent on their site, all for nothing.
When I spoke to a customer service rep, he actually told me that THEY HAD BEEN SUED BEFORE, AND WON. Not sure when they were sued, but I thought this was a new penny auction site. Who knows what he was talking about, but I thought that was pretty interesting.

Carrie G said...

If your purchase has been less than 30 days - PLEASE use the BUYSAFE link in the email you got when you won your item. YOu only have 30 days to claim. I just barely got in under the wire since my win was on 2/22!!!!

NYDiva said...


You used the BuySafe logo to do what? Report them for lack of? I am willing to do it but I would like to understand what I am doing once I click it.

Chris said...

Guys, you really need to stop saying "getting your bids back," in reference to the ridiculous email bidrack sent all of us.

If you bought your initial bids in early to mid February, you paid about 50 cents a bid. Then, each bid would count 45 cents off of the price of an item (a $25 item costs 55 bids). Then they changed the value of bids to 30 cents off of the price of an item ($25 = 83 bids). And suddenly when they decided not to ship everything, they are offering us our bid back at 60 cents per bid (a $25 item gets you 41 bids).

That doesn't sound too bad until you realize you spent twice that many bids on the item and those bids cost you 40% more than their stated value.

In the end, if you take this offer, you're really only getting about 30% of the value of your initial bids!!! And that only counts bids that led to you purchasing or winning an auction item.

and then you wonder if they'll ever ship anything you won to you... and then you rinse and repeat.

clg0513 said...

if you go to safelink and register with the email you used on bidrack it will bring up all your items that you won that are covered by safelink. Then you can click on the file claim and i clicked item not recieved and that i wanted my money back.

clg0513 said...

not safelink...buysafe! ugh...darn safelink commercials

Heather said...

I filed a complaint with BuySafe for most of my items, but a few of the transactions are expired since they were over 30 days ago--most importantly the money I spent on bids has expired. Is there any way to file a claim with BuySafe after the 30 day deadline??

Dave said...

Also be aware that Bidrack is offering me my bids back for an item that they can't fulfill, but are they offering everyone else who bid on my item and lost their bids back? What about all the auctions that I bid on that they may now be claiming they can't ship? Are they willing to offer me my bids back for those items? In essence, Bidrack are stealing from hundreds (or thousands) of people each minute!

Anonymous said...

Here I go ranting again. Has anyone else noticed that on the bidrack website they have removed the BuySafe logo that always showed up at the bottom of the screen?

Whitney S said...

Same experience, won 6 items in February, haven't seen a single one, got the email about supplier issues. I asked for a full refund and then saw people were making claims with BuySafe so I decided to go find the link and do the same...and its gone from the site! I would join a class action suit. I will follow here to see what becomes of this.

Anonymous said...

I had been trying to find out why, after a month, I never received any of the items I won. Got the same runaround as everyone else, with guarantees that I would definitely get everything I had paid for. Even got an email from VP of customer service, Dan, assuring me I had nothing to worry about and would get everything shortly. 2 days later I got the email offering me bid replacements for my 15 auction wins. Wonder what dimwit came up with that grand idea? I tried calling, I tried emailing, nothing! I finally called my credit card company and filed a fraud claim today and they credited all of bidrack's charges back to my account. Now, hopefully they'll go after bidrack!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the date that The View spoke about's affiliate site I would love to let them know the site they referred people to is awful!

NYDiva said...

I want to say nomorecrap was on "The View" approx sometime between 2/1-9? But I believe closer to 2/9. That's how I found out about it.
Still deciding on how I want to handle this situation. Stupid me... used my debit card for purchases. I doubt I have a recourse w/the bank.

coutrymom said...

Making a claim with Buysafe looks like you just get back the money you bid on each item, not the value of the item. My original bid purchase shows up there too. Hmmm, I am wondering if this is the best route, does anyone have any idea if this is better than calling the credit card company? I have to decide within the next couple of days what to do!

I am so sorry I ever ventured onto bidrack's site.

Natalie said...

Countrymom- I would have the CC company dispute the charges and let them know everything you have learned about and that they are a fraudulent company. I would think selling items they don't have and can't ship is fraud.

Anonymous said...

I emailed bidrack and requested all of my money be refunded - price paid for original bid pack, price paid for items, price paid for shipping charges. I stated it was fraud as they were keeping everyone's bids that had bid on those items and that I would file charges with the BBB if I did not hear a response. I then went on BuySafe and filed a claim for all items (that hadn't expired past the 30 days) as a "just in case" measure. I did get an email yesterday from bidrack that they will credit all money incurred back to my credit card. They said the credit will show within 5-7 days. So I am hoping they follow through. I even demanded that they refund the 1 to 3 cent prices I paid to win additional bidpacks because I felt that I didn't win anything with those either. Keeping my fingers crossed. The last time I argued they refund my $100 for the bidpack that the "stole" the bids from when they emptied my account of all bids was refunded promptly. So I have hope they will follow through.

Anonymous said...

I also submitted a claim through buysafe for the few items I bought in the last 30 days. Within 12 hrs I have a response saying that I will be refunded in full for all purchases on my account!

Here's hoping they go through with it!

Emily said...

I won many items, and after many complaints I did recieve the ipod nano I won (it took 6 weeks to ship). The item came directly from and it was legit, as I was shipped a pink nano and wanted silvr and processed an exchange through amazon. Anyway, the other 10 items I won were nowhere to be found, and so I called customer service once again. They refunded ALL of the money I spent on their site except for the bids and money I spent on the nano, which was only about $20. I am happy to say 48 hours later the money was back in my bank account. I suggest anyone that still has pending money/auctions with them you call them and demand a full refund. Also email them. Anyway, it is too bad this was too good to be true! If anyone wants a reliable site, try I have won many items and recieved them all quickly!

Carrie G said...

I checked my bank account as well - the money spent for bidpack as well as the 3 auctions I won were refunded. I'm still not happy with the company and the way they dealt with things - especially since they are once again actioning off an Ipad which is something I won and was "told" wasn't being sent by the manufacture.

LG said...

So I wanted to update everyone. I just got a phone call from, a rep named ryan. He actually called me twice, once I was at work and again when I came home. He informed me that not only are they refunding me all my money, but they are also still going to ship out all my items! wow! I can't believe it, it sounds too good to be true but I am hoping that this really happens. They are supposed to be emailing me my shipping codes tomorrow morning. I will keep you all posted.

Tina said...

Hey guys,

This is the email that was sent to me regarding the shipments.

"I understand the way you feel, and I am inclined to agree with you. The reasoning I am being given for why we cannot ship your iPad is such that our previous supplier, whom we are no longer using, still has all of these orders and a great deal of our capital is tied up with them, and it would be far too costly to reorder these items from our new supplier.

I apologize, but the options I am being given are to either offer you these bids plus your free item, or I can fully refund the charges made to your card, including your bid package, but not including the item you have received (the couture bag).

Please let me know which you would like and I can take care of this right away for you.

Thank you,
Bidrack Customer Care"

LG,- Good for you! I'm so happy for you. Just wondering, what did you win (any featured items/gift cards?)? If they would only do that for all of us... :( How did you get them to do that? haha


I logged into my account just now and I mysteriously have 854 permanent bids and I never requested it.

Anonymous said...

I won three auctions on Bidrack and never received a single item. One item that I won was a diamond necklace supposedly worth $599. I spent a total of $35 on Bidrack, and if I had received my items, this would be a GREAT deal. However, they are engaging in false advertising by using false testimonials and by offering items for bid that they do not have available or cannot make available. I am ready to join a class action lawsuit. This was definitely a scam.

Anonymous said...

Finally I am done with bidrack. I finally received a refund on every penny I had given them. Yet they still continue to auction off the items they say they cannot fulfill orders on (such as the ipod nano.)

Carrie G said...

so the other day I got ALL my money back from bidrack....and guess what shows up on my porch today. My ipad and purse!

Countrymom said...

Carrie G., you are so lucky! I can only wish this would happen for me, I also "won" an iPad. I wonder why they sent yours to you? Was it because you threatened them with fraud charges?

LG said...

I also got a full refund and today I came home to find a package with all of my items, small I must say but two nail polishes, dior lipstick, 2 Macy's giftcards for $25 each and a bag that still had the price tag from macys on it. I might try and bring it back go my Macy's and see if I can get store credit. Can't believe they got me my stuff for free!

Amy said...

@LG---I CAN believe they gave you that stuff for free. Because they already made more money than any of that stuff is worth. Let's say you won an Ipad for $90. Every time someone made a one cent bid, they gave BidRack the worth of the bid which is allegedly $1. So, BidRack got $1 for every one cent bid plus whatever you paid for the item. Sounds like a good deal. FOR THEM! They can afford to give you back your bids and the items you bid on because they already made much more money than the items are worth.

Jess said...

I too received a complete refund of all my money ever "invested" into this company then today I received a small package with 2 out of my 8 wins (a $25 Macy's gift card & bracelet~which was in a Macy's gift box)

I hope I receive the rest of my items, but I won't hold my breath. *I will keep you updated*

Tina said...

Wow! Nice, guys! :) I'm so happy for your wins. haha just wish they'd send mine! ah... =/

Candace said...

In answer to Dave's Question: "Also be aware that Bidrack is offering me my bids back for an item that they can't fulfill, but are they offering everyone else who bid on my item and lost their bids back?"

I had a friend who used all their bids without winning a single auction, and Bidrack refuses to refund those bids or their money. They are the worst company ever. Please do not spend any money there, you will waste it and waste your time.

Candace said...

Here is my experience:

Won 10 items. Received 0. Spent countless hours for no items. I'm sure they would offer me a refund- but I don't want one. I want the items, the money is small in comparison to how much time I devoted to winning all those items.

I referred a friend who signed up based on the win-guarantee. She bid on an ipad, ran out of bids, and got them refunded. During that time, the ipad sold to someone else. A few days later she logged in again- all the bids she had be refunded were gone. Bidrack refused to refund her money b/c they changed the win guarantee conditions without notice. She called in for a refund again after hearing no orders were being shipped. They still refuse to refund her money.

Emily said...

Has anyone that has finally been getting items shipped recieve any of the big ticket items, ipad, LV purse, TVs?? I am hoping I am as lucky as some and recieve some items even though they refunded my money!

Jess said...


I received a full refund 3/24 then this past Saturday I received one of my $25 Macy's gift cards & a bracelet, then today I received the iPAD (FEDEX)...WAHOO!! I still dislike bidrack, and have moved on to quibids~WHICH I received my first winnings 2 days later from them :-)

Anonymous said...

"Hello, Tina

Regrettably, this has only been handled this way in a very few special cases.  I don't really know all the specifics, but I have been told that there is no way for us to accomplish the same thing regarding your items.  I do apologize, I asked on your behalf, but no cigar.  

Best Regards,
Bidrack Customer Care"

Anonymous said...

So I wonder why there are "special cases?"

What did you guys do?

Jess said...

I made MANY complaints, involved a "lawyer", buysafe, BBB (overseas), & my credit card company.

Anonymous said...

Then they should have no problem shipping all of us our items if they did it for you three after all refunded money. not fair right?

Jess said...

I do agree it is NOT fair, I just thought I'd give some advice on what I did, not sure if anything I did helped in me getting some of my items.

Dave said...

I too received my money back for the price of the auction (plus shipping), as well as the bids I ordered. Despite the estimated $2,325 in profit they made on a $450 item, I'm still getting the lame excuse that all of their capital for the month of February is tied up in a defaulting supplier. Therefore, they are unable to ship me my item. I guess Bidrack doesn't mind screwing over their customers in order to profit - and even penalizing customers for their own mistakes.

Carrie G said...

I was one of the "special cases" who got my refund AND my ipad & purse. I had called several times in the weeks leading up to the dreaded email where the "manufacture could not ship our items". I immediatly started calling their customer service number(i had it in my phone) and after about 45 minutes I got through. The guy that I talked too you could tell he was just so sick of it all. He told me they had a "computer glitch" and lost all pending shipping orders. But wow...when he pulled up my file he could see i won and ipad and purse. I asked why he cuoldn't just "reorder" them for me. He was pretty much speechless. I asked for a full refund including the cost of my bid pack. He put that through and gave me confirmations.
Then I went to buysafe and registered and it showed me all my guaranteed items. At that point I was ONE day away from my 30 days so I decided to file as a precautionary method. Within an hour I had a canned response (because someone on one of the boards i read got the exact same one).

Soon after I had gotten through a friend of mine got through to their customer service and got a totally different story. She was told they went over budget for the month - what? then stop auctioning off stuff.

So when i got that canned response i mentioned the two vastly different stories were were given along with the fact they were STILL auctioning off iPads and that I felt they were frauding people and I was going to let everyone know.

So I don't know if going through buysafe and them as well as letting them know I wasn't going to put up with their fraud "helped" me get my ipad or not.

Anonymous said...

I went through BuySafe to try and get my money back from 19 auctions I won that they decided not to ship. I was promised a FULL refund within 5-7 business days, it has now been 8 business days and no refund, they are also ignoring my buysafe notices now. Ugh.

susan said...

yep, they are not responding to any comments on Buysafe on my 4 disputes. Other than the first canned response to the dispute. So disgusted with this company.

NYDiva said...

Well, I just sent them an email letting them know that I am reporting them to BBB, Attorney General, blog posts, ABC, etc. I am in the process of submitting my complaint now. Screw these people!! I will await their response to my request which was a refund of every dime I have ever spent w/them including the pennies spent on their clearance rack dollar store earrings.

Where to report them:

he BBB that will handle your complaint is:
BBB of Tulsa
(Tulsa, OK)
1722 S. Carson Ave., Ste. 3200
Tulsa, OK 74119
Phone: (918)492-1266
Fax: (918)492-1276

I will update further when I hear back.

Tina said...

Now they have iPad, lv purse, and even MacBook air. Interesting. And still unable to send us our items?

Jannah said...

I've had a pretty positive experience with Bidrack. I did have a few issues with them before, but their customer service was quick to help out. I also just recently received two items (a bag and a small toy) which I won around 2 weeks ago so their shipping seems to have definitely improved. Loving their site so far. :)

Anonymous said...

Since BidRack was ignoring my BuySafe guarantee and never submitted the refund as promised I gave them a call and customer service actually answered within a minute or two of waiting. The guy sounded bored but was helpful and claimed to be initiating the returns right now. They promised an email shortly when the 19+ transactions are reversed.

On another note, my girlfriend is using her free bids for the mess up (she spent hardly any money and ended up getting quite a few bids as a refund). She has won several smaller items and has already received one within a week! So shipping does seem to be greatly improved.

Anonymous said...

I too had complained beyond belief with emails. I had also filed with the BuySafe as a "safeguard". They ended up refunding ALL of my money as I had stated in an earlier post - but then today here comes a package. It had my ipod nano, nail polish and a purse. The purse was not one that I had bid on - but there was a form letter stating they had run out of the one I had bid on and so they made a substitution. I hate the purse, but since it was free, I guess I can't complain. It also said my other items will ship separately. So I am still waiting on a Sunbeam heated throw and a watch.

mikengame said...
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Jess said...

I have received almost all of my items (to include: ipad, ipod, $25 Macy's gift, bracelet, watch, XL lip plump & a pair of earrings)AND I received a complete refund like a week before I started receiving my items...I bitched up a big fit, so I guess I feel into the "special circumstances case" I'm starting to think that a lot of you are not hearing back from your buySAFE complaints because they are no longer affiliated with them~so try not to get too upset when you don't get a response...I do recommend doing a BBB complaint through the VC branch since the stateside one won't be able to help.

Dave said...

I received the following email today (as did most of you, I assume):

Dear Valued Customer,
As CEO of Bidrack, I wanted to reach out to you with a sincere apology from myself and our team, for any inconvenience caused during our beta testing phase. We realize the first step to overcoming a problem is finding the root of it and we believe we have now done so. We started Bidrack with the vision of making it a highly entertaining and competitive site where you could get your favorite name brands at a fraction of the retail price.
Unlike any other pay-per-bid site, the vision for Bidrack was to ensure that everyone wins. The first 45 days during launch, we incurred several technical difficulties in our bidding process, inventory API and with our fulfillment partners. Many of you have stuck with us through the growing pains. My team and I thank you for sticking with us through these initial humps that thankfully, we have now overcome.
We are pleased to announce, we are now out of beta testing. We at Bidrack are working hard at ensuring every customer is not only a winner, but also has a seamless experience with us from A-Z.
This is our commitment to you :
* More auctions : Starting Friday April 1st , 8 AM PST , we will have 600+ new auctions added daily.
* Faster shipping : Once an auction is won within 72 hours of the auction ending your order will be shipped.
* Featured : Every day your favorite high end brands will be added as featured auctions.
* Help : Our customer care team will be available around the clock to assist you.
This email, is by no way an excuse but just an honest acceptance of where we went wrong and a clear disclosure of what we have corrected. This was a learning experience for us as a company and trust you will see all the vast improvements that have now been implemented.
We are committed to going the extra mile for our customers, and ensure your experiences are only positive ones, period! We are striving to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and have built a system to ensure each of our customers is a raving fan. Please feel free to write to us at
For the inconvenience, and as a token of our appreciation, we have added 15 free bids to your account. Happy bidding and thanks for all your support!
Bidrack - The competitive entertaining way to save!

My reply:

Dear Derik (no last name), CEO of Bidrack,

Since I am a "valued customer" who was used as a guinea pig during your undisclosed "beta testing phase," and since you are "committed to going the extra mile" to ensure that your customer's "experiences are only positive ones (period!)," why don't you ship me the television that I won. That would ensure "100% satisfaction" on my part and would guarantee return business.

As you can see, I've directly quoted from your email. I sure hope that you mean what you say and are ready to fully stand behind your words, rather than sending out patronizing platitudes in an effort to reduce the backlash of your company's mistakes.

(currently disgruntled and former customer)

NYDiva said...

OMG!! LOL!! Dave, that is truly a priceless email!! And funny thing? I thought of writing something similar.. esp since I see my MAC Eyeshadow up for auction again today.

I did hear back yesterday & they gave me some BS apology & have said that they will refund my $135.89 which was the cost of 2 bidbacks & Lord knows what else. Point with me is not money anymore. I want what I won...end of story!! These items were gifts for people.

Dave, let us know how you make out with a response. I will sit & decide if I want to accept this email as is or write back & demand not to be patronized.

Oh yea... they can keep their pathetic offer of 10 free bids too. I wouldn't want to use them all at once & waste them on stuff that I may not get!!

Tina said...

that is hilarious!!! We should all email "derrick" with that message. hahaha update us!

Dave said...

By the way, not wanting to sit and wait for a response, I also filed a complaint with the Canadian Better Business Bureau (BBB). I suggest everyone who has been cheated by Bidrack do the same.

Bidrack is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. You can access the BBB in British Columbia by visiting You'll want to file a complaint against Nomorerack Retail Group.

NYDiva said...

Thanks for posting the "correct" BBB to lodge a complaint with. I posted the incorrect one on Wednesday. I did look up the name BidRack & it gave me the address of them being in the midwest hence my being assigned a BBB there. Apologies for that error.

I will be lodging my complaint today & I will be replying to Derick "no last name" CEO letting him know that consumers are not guinea pigs. If & when I do "beta test", I do not use my own money. They basically used us to get their business going. Now I am getting angry all over again!!

Thanks for that info Dave!

coutrymom said...

I just responded to "Derick" no last name CEO in a very similar fashion but stating I want my iPad. I also just submitted a complaint with the CA BBB. Thank you for posting the link.

coutrymom said...

So, when you respond to "Derick" no last name CEO, you get a return email stating a support ticket has been opened. Hilarious.

Gail said...

I too won 4 auctions from bidrack and receieved zero items in the mail. Called to complain, got the same run around and email about a change in vendors, etc. I also just got the email from CEO Derik "No Last Name" and sent him a reply by copying and pasting Dave's reply (adding a few things). Thanks Dave. I will be contacting the BBB, but how do we start a class action law suit?

Anonymous said...

I got a full refund of a LOT of charges, without much hassle in the end.

Then I got a box with a couple of items I bought, and a couple of items similar to (but crappier than) items I bought. And a few gift cards!!

Now their site is up again and I have some bids, so what the heck won a couple of small things that I haven't paid for yet.. And discovered that their shipping fee is now $4.99, rather than the $2 it says all over their site.

Not a shock, I suppose.

Anonymous said... and is the same people who scammed you before. The "Derek" NO LAST NAME is Deepak Agarwal from all the Acai Scams.

This company is owned by local billing limited. Basically its not a real company. the owners are Clay Douglass, mitch Platt and Deepak Agarwal. They have been creating a huge web of fraud and theft for many years and covering their tracks under aliases, fake companies and real companies. you just gave away you money info and they will charge you using many different company names unless you close your account. Before trusting a website check out who owns the site at Anything registered by Moniker Online Services is definitely a scam.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has won or received their featured auction wins from their new site, please post. For some reason most of the auction winners have either used only 1 bid to win or not seen on the bidders list.

Candace said...

I know it has been said by many already, but it makes me feel a modicum better to say I HATE BIDRACK!!!! publicly. Thank you.

(Won 13 items, including an iPad. Was shipped - 0) When I call for a refund, I'm told the site is 'down' and to try later. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Candace when did you get your ipad? When did you win your ipad? A friend of mine got his ipod nano in the mail last week. He was refunded the nano early in Feb but still received. He did complain that it was never delivered and got his money back. I am going to wait for another couple of weeks and keep an eye out. I've already received my refund, but hey you never know...

Luke S said...


I am 100% certain that there is some form of fraud going on at, and I am furious.

I used the website in the past, shortly after the launch, won too many auctions (more than the limit), got one item shipped for me and ended up getting all my money refunded. I was appreciative of the website's concern for me so I accepted and turned away.

Recently, I was contacted about the site being revamped with more auctions and more bugs worked out, plus some bonus bids, so I gave the site another chance. I ended up winning an auction, and my interest in the site came right back.

I decided to invest in attempting to win a Featured Auction. Impressed with the constant flow of iPod Touch, iPad, Macbook Air, and XBox auctions, I strategically worked on trying to win an auction. After many attempts, I still have not been successful.

I started looking a little bit closer, and began to notice suspicious behavior. On the featured auctions, there is never just 1 bid added. Every time 1 person bids, another bids at the exact moment. It happens perfectly.

It's as if one is to believe that no matter when you bid, there is always another user bidding at the same time (or microseconds after you). Therefore, real users can NEVER be in the lead. This causes users to keep bidding and bidding, but there is always someone else. I personally tested this. On one featured auction that was continually running until the "Going Twice" spot, I waited until there were 7 seconds left and I bid, and sure enough, someone else did too. Then I waited until 5 seconds were left and I bid, and at that same moment, another bidder bid as well. I tried this over and over, but it was impossible for me to EVER by the top bidder, even for 2 seconds.

Luke S said...

(continued from above)

One of the strange things about this was that it wasn't the same user I was bidding against. Almost every time, it was a different user. And often one I had not seen bid before at all. How very strange.

Then I switched over to a different auction. I believe I switched from a current Macbook Air to an iPad 2, and the same thing was happening. And it was especially strange when one of the users that bid at the same time as me in the first auction (that I did not see place any other bids at all) did
the same thing to me in the second auction. Coincidence? Possibly, but probably not.

I started keeping a list of all the bid names that were simultaneously-outbidding me, and as I kept watching, every now and then one of those names would come up again, but it was very random, and there were more names than I can keep track of.

As I kept watching these featured auctions, I noticed that with other users as well, any time one bid came, another did too. There was never 1 single bid added to an auction, always in pairs.

Another strange thing I found was that if one person, either myself or another real bidder, would bid and bid and bid and bid 5 times quickly in a row, there was almost always a different user name that would outbid at the next moment. It was never the case where it seemed like two real people were vying for the same item, but as if a random name would always counter-act the efforts of the real users.

The same rang true when using the Auto-Bid function. In auctions that would typically go until the "Going Twice" moment before springing back up, once BidBuddy was turned on, all of a sudden every single BidBuddy bid was countered by another bid, again, each time a different username.

Things had been looking more and more suspicious, so I continued to research before contacting anyone at the site. I started looking at past auctions to see if any of the usernames that I wrote down that I suspected to be false had won any other auctions, and sure enough, their names NEVER came up on any single non-featured auction. This makes sense because the non-featured auctions are not as valuable and generally fewer bids are used here, plus people need to gain the site's trust by winning here before attempting the big auctions.

Luke S said...

(part 3 of 3)

It also seemed strange that almost every featured auction recently has been won by a user who only used less than 15 bids, while every user who has invested many many bids, sometimes hundreds, has failed miserably. Is it just a coincidence that the random winning bid each time was by someone on his 2nd or 3rd bid? Too coincidental to be true.

I also started searching for usernames using and using the search term, which will search only within your site. When I would search the name of one of the usernames that I suspected to be fake, even names that I had seen had won, nothing came up, but if I used a name that was the next-to-last username in an auction, or even my own username, an auction came up almost every time.

I even just recently noticed a username that had won a featured auction within the last 3 days (ninja12) was on occasion counter-bidding people such as myself, despite the policy which doesn't allow a user to win/bid on featured auctions that quickly.

As the pieces have come together, as I said, I am 100% certain that there is some sort of fraud, and I am furious. People such as myself are using time and money, and we deserve to be treated fairly. Again, I can't say whether this is an outside hack, or a scam from within your site framework, but either way, I am not happy.

I have sent all the above information to Support and am awaiting a response, and I will gladly share it with this site when I do hear back.

Anyone else have similar experiences?

Tina said...

Similar experience? Yes but not exact. there has definitely been moments where I have bid on an ipad or mac air or a featured item and my name lasts more than 2 seconds. But I have suspicious of the people who won since almost all of the winners who won something on the featured list, have won with 5 or less bids. what are the odds? I mean I have seen a couple in the beginning when the site got revamped who won with bids in the 100s but then after a day, they all began to be 5 or less.

Tina said...

ps. I got my ipad today from FAtech international from amazon. Bidrack called me to make sure I got it. The order form tells me they ordered it March 31... after I got my refund and complained to them why others have gotten their merchandise but I can't.

Dave said...

Congrats to Tina and others who have received their iPads. In the meantime, there are those of us who are still waiting for their *ahem* TVs. So as I mentioned before, I submitted a complaint to the BBB. It's in the works:

"Thank you for contacting the Better Business Bureau (BBB) about your dispute. Your complaint has been processed and assigned case #[my case number] in our files. Please make a note of this number for future reference.

Your complaint has been applied to the following business:
Nomorerack Retail Group
154 1917 W 4 Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7

The case has been reviewed and has now been forwarded to the business for their written response. This business has until April 19, 2011 to respond to your complaint."

Dave said...

Tina, out of curiosity, did the status of your iPad auction change in your "Auctions Won" section of the site once you received your winnings? Mine still says, "Sold...Order Currently Processing."

Anonymous said...

Tina, what did you say to them to expedite your ipad that was already refunded?

Anonymous said...

I finally received the last item I was waiting on - a Sunbeam heated throw. Now I have received all of my money back and all of my items (all after the refund was given). Just to let you know - the status of all of my auctions won still states "sold...order currently processing". The only auctions that state differently are bid packs that I won "sold: shipped-instant delivery".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous did you launch a complaint before receiving your items?

Tina said...

Nope still says order processing. I sent in a complaint at BBB on 3/24. Before I got my refund. Honestly, I don't know what I did to expedite the ipad. I don't know why they refund my money and then order it after to be shipped... maybe because of the complaint filed. I had won an itunes gift card but I don't expect it to come because I didn't ask for it in my complaint. We'll see.

Dave said...

Bidrack is offering an auction for 1000 bid vouchers. It's one of those auctions where Bid Buddy is *supposed* to be disabled. Except that user Carmen7572 is somehow using Bid Buddy to drive up the price of the item. Foul play? Definitely.

See for yourself:

Dave said...

Ok, I called Bidrack customer service to inquire about the Bid Buddy issue, and they claim that Bid Buddy is disabled only for me because I only have bonus bids. To which I replied, they're absolutely right I only have bonus bids; I'm not spending another dime with those crooks until I get my television. In the meantime, I guess they'll continue to daily funnel a couple freebie bonus bids my way to keep me "happy".

Anonymous said...

Have you been ripped off by a/k/a Go to the "No More Nomorerack/Bidrack" Facebook page and share your thoughts: Bidrack / Nomorerack might delete your negative comments from their Facebook page, but I won't. Let consumers know what they are in for if they do business with Bidrack / Nomorerack.

Anonymous said...

Bidrack is a ripoff. I won quite a few auctions in Feb and March and have not received one item. I contacted bidrack and they said they had trouble with their distributor and that they would give me bids they credited 350 bids to my account of which I won nothing. I contacted them again and told them I wanted all the money I wasted or the items I originally won. They said they would refund me. Still waiting to see

Anonymous said...

My first item I bid on a $10.00 Best Buy card, won for .30 and I thought I did good. 3 weeks later stated that Best Buy would not give out cards, so offered some cheap jewelry in replacement, then I saw best buy cards again, wrote told them my disappointment, still wanted the card, they gave me a full refund, and I got the cheap jewelry.
Next item won a 10 in 1 game for 2 cents, received in under a week.
So I don't bid on gift cards, and they are ok.
Buy at Nomorerack too takes time for shipping, but did get product I ordered.

The Crafty Side Of Life said...

I am super confused as to why there can be like 4 "featured" items people are bidding on and they are up to, let's say, $20, and everyone is going crazy bidding on them, and then right next to it is a Xbox + Kinect and it goes for .53 cents. Am I missing something? Do they have "ghost" prizes that look like they are being bid on and go for cheap so that it gives people hope and so they'll continue to purchase bids? I hope this is making sense how I am explaining this. It makes me so frustrated to have something go for so cheap while the thing right next to it is being bid on so crazy. Also, I have seen people above mention the blog MBC under 100. Can someone tell me about that site? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

does anyone know the customer service number for bidrack? the site seems to be down right now

Chinky Chinese Chick said...

Check out the history of this item. All the past winners only bidded once or twice the most to win the item. That's insane, considering that these are "featured" items, and there's a steady stream of users who kept outbidding me. I've spent like 90 bids today, only to realize that this whole thing is scam :/


Anonymous said...

I was enjoying this site until I was bidding on a "featured" item and the site just stopped working. When I put Bidrack into Google, this site came up. I won a $10 Target gift card for $2.26. Now I'm wondering if I'll ever get it.

Heather S. said...

I won an auction for a gift card and received the email offering me an alternative gift because there was a "supplier problem". Since I won with free bids and had not purchased any bids yet and only spent the $2 shipping I decided to accept a different gift. They offered 6 options to choose from, mostyl jewlery (valued btween $30-$50 supposedly). I chose a bracelet that looked to be jade and gold valued at $59.99. About 8 weeks later I got a crappy cheap silver bangle in the mail. When I emailed them they offered more bids. Seriously? Like I would ever use them again?

Anonymous said...

Beware of the Timers

New to bidrack and thought I would try it out today. I had the screen up where you could see the next 5 featured items and the next 5 Auction ending items. I was bidding on an Ipad from the Feature and 1000 bids on the other. I was watching the timers very closely and noticed that some actually won the item before the timer ran out. I started to pay closer attention and this happened several times. I used up my remaining bids and am done with this site.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well, I still think there's a degree of scamming going on, but really, all-caps-guy, you gave them your credit card info for a reason. You thought it was free but you gave them your ccard? One thing they HAVEN'T been accused of is charging a credit card without authorization.

(And you pay for long distance calls? Is this 2002?

Also fwiw, my emails to support have always been answered within a day or so. Maybe answered with lies, but answered :)

Anonymous said...

Got more gift cards from them. So far they've been basically honest, if a little late, since the "restart" last month. This does not include whatever may be happening with suspicious bids on the featured auctions.. I didn't win any of those.

Anonymous said...

BidRack is definitely a scam, its run by a guy named Deepak Argawal who ran the acai berry/colon cleanse scam as well as teeth whitening scams, porn site scams and now penny auction scams. They refund those who complain, but hope that people call them so they can refund instead of the bank. see if they call the bank, the bank will see how bad it is and fine them and shut them down. people who have problems with bidrack need to CALL THEIR BANK AND DISPUTE THE CHARGE. DO NOT CALL BIDRACK

Anonymous said...

WOW, I was about the sign up, and had all my info in there and everything when i decided to check out any reviews on this bidrack site. Thank Goodness I did, It is def a scam, and I won't even get involved.

John Lindsey said...

I wish I'd checked them out first. I just signed up for what I thought was a free account, and was charged $99. There was no warning anywhere that I was going to incur a charge. I tried to call, but they have the IVR programmed to hang up you.

Anonymous said...

John Lindsey - the same thing happened to me!!!

Bidrack’s website said “Hurry and Receive a Special Bonus Offer!”

I put in my information.

It took me to another page and asked for my CC#. I figured it was for storage purchases so that when I bought something my card would be on file. I hit “Enter” and it said “Congratulations on your order!” I didn’t know what I bought!

When I put in my information I figured 1 of 2 things would happen: 1. They were asking for my credit card # so they could validate it before I started bidding and then store it in the event that I actually bought something. Or 2. There would be an order confirmation page like you get on every single website I’ve ever EVER shopped on that says, “Order Confirmation” at the top and lists your address, the last four of the CC#, the amount of the charge, and what you’re buying. At that point, if you decide, “oops, I made a mistake” you can hit “cancel order” or you can submit the order. Either way, I was safe. They were either storing my CC# or there would be an order confirmation page where I could opt out if you were indeed trying to charge me something.

I immediately e-mailed them and am being told I bought $49 worth of bids and they have a strict no-refund policy. I e-mailed them back and told them I needed to speak with someone about this and explained once again that I didn’t know I was buying anything. All I received in reply was “Someone from Bidrack already responded to your question. We have a strict no-refund policy.” I am very angry! $50 is a BIG DEAL to me. All I wanted to do was look around and now I’m out 50 bucks because of it. What a scam!

Khristie said...

I have contacted my credit card company and have used as a fraud charge. They charged my card with me under the assumption that it was a FREE regristration. I am disputing the charge and I am contacting my state's attorney general. If they give people refunds like some say they do then they need to change their policy.

Anonymous said...

I've got three words for everyone here.

Federal Trade Commission.

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing, I was charged $99.00 for signing up, I called them and told them i wanted to cancel my account and get a refund, and I was told no refund, I told them that I THOUGHT SIGN UP WAS FREE!!!! The female agent on the phone got RUDE with me and hung up!!!!


Dear Valued Customer,

We thank you for reaching out to us here at Bidrack! We do see that you have purchased our $99 bid package of 175 bids. Directly to the left of where you enter your card number it states that you are being charged $99 and you will receive 175 bids. We are very sorry that you did not wish to do this. We apologize deeply for the inconvenience this may have caused. Unfortunately, due to our policies as stated in the terms and conditions you agreed to, I cannot give you a refund. But what I have gone ahead and done for the inconvenience, is give you 120 additional bids which is a $80 value. These bids have been added to your account already.

Bidrack offers tons of featured deals and values on many items that you will not find on any other auction site! We want you to be happy ! We are confident, that if you develop a strategy, give us a chance, and use Bidrack that you will actually save up to 90% off retail on your favorite brands.

Here are some of the auctions that recently ended :
• Camel Handbag sold for $0.21
• 100 Bid Vouchers sold for $0.23
• Raphael Bikini sold for $0.14
• Apple iPad2 sold for $39.33
• $10 iTunes Gift Card sold for $0.19

Additionally, We wanted to let you know the great benefits you receive with this purchase.
Ø Win Guarantee to ensure you win!
Ø Spin on the wheel daily to get free bids added daily!
Ø Buy it now option allows you to apply the used bids towards the purchase price just in case you don't win!
Always here to help,

Customer Care
Bidrack - The Fun way to Save!

We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, reply to this email or login to your account for a complete archive of all your support requests and responses.


Hello Valued Customer,

We are very sorry that you were mistreated well! If you would please inform us with the name of the agent that was on the phone with you we would love to take more action. We also understand that you do not want our offer and still would like a refund. We are very sorry to inform you that this is a non refundable charge. This is stated in our FAQ. To try and handle this refund issue we ask that you please give our customer services a call. Our number is 1-855-900-RACK (7225). Or if you would please leave us your name and a number that is best for us to reach you and a best time to as well. This is the best way for us to be able to resolve your issues.

Always here to help! :)

Bid Rack Customer Services

We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, reply to this email or login to your account for a complete archive of all your support requests and responses.

Anonymous said...

I fell for the same deceptive and ambiguous BidRack sign up process and got the same runaround when I wanted a refund. I also received the exact emails as others did, including the 120 free bids email.

Bottom line: NO REFUNDS

For those that signed up thinking the service was free and the Credit Card info was for purchases - I feel your frustration. You will need to call your CC bank and dispute the charge. I did, however the CC bank initially did not want to do the refund as BidRack does indicate (although deceptively and ambiguously to a science imo) that there will be a purchase of bids. So it will be hit or miss if you get a refund.

I have been with my CC bank for 12 years - always paid on time, no prior disputes, etc. and I stressed this fact with the representative and practically begged for an accommodation. (I had to escalate to a higher-up representative also) Finally they agreed. It could have gone the wrong way easily and I got lucky. Never will I be casual about entering my CC info again. Best of luck to all. -Will

Anonymous said...

Can someone please email me the customer service number. They took money off my credit card that I did not authorize I need to talk to them. Everytime I try to go on their website it is failed.

Anonymous said...

Just got me. Normally, I do major site-research...but, unfortunately, I didn't with this one. Saw a Wii bundle for $30 and went gaga. Started running through to try to beat the clock as it wound down; unfortunately, not only did I not get all my information in in time, but I also was charged $99(!!!) for something I thought was free.

So, I first sent a message to the site, hoping for some compassion (not expecting it, because I have to assume there was SOMETHING SOMEWHERE giving a heads-up for the consequences of signing up all willy-nilly. Haven't heard back yet from these guys (but it's only been a couple of hours). Then I've jsut contacted my bank (why did I use my debit card? Why, man, why?), and so, now, I'm going through the "block card" thing, so gonna get a new card in a couple of weeks (just to prevent another unwanted charge from these guys).

Aargh! Just aggravating. I know 90%of this is on me...but still, it's a shame that something like this is allowed to even be possible. So not kool.

Dave said...

I am writing an update to my previous posts, this time praising BidRack for their customer service. I have to admit I am very surprised, but their actions have indeed won me over and convinced me of their commitment to their customers.

Shortly after I received the notification that the stock was available to ship my winnings, BidRack provided me with a full refund of my money for the item, as well as for the bids purchased. I was pleased to have my money back, but quite disappointed to not have the television that I had won. Last week, however, I also received the television that I had won, even after refunding my money. For that I issue a hearty thank you to BidRack and also a commendation for going the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied.

Anonymous said...

I have reviewed your blog and I see that alot of folks have been "taken" far worse than I have.
I signed up on Facebook and it seemed harmless until the following moment I noticed that I had been charged $99 for a bid pkg.
The ad was about how much fun it was and free bidding!HAH!!!This was on Friday the 13th of May.
I spent hours trying to contact them. A few times I have had them answer the phone,only to have them hang-up as soon as I began asking questions! Mostly, I have been on hold,listening to the crappy music for 15 or more minutes each time. Occasionally, a recorded msg. would come on asking the caller to leave a msg.I've tried that and I don't believe it works...I've NEVER received a call-back...
And then there is my last communication...A woman answered...
I wasn't expecting anyone to answer(as usual) So,I began to explain the issues I had w/ the company...She firmly told me the policy was that there are Absolutely No Refunds! When I told her how misleading the sign-up was...She became rather snide and basically told me I was stupid to give my personal information(personally, I am feeling rather stupid about giving this company private is so out of character for me.)
My cedit card was charged. My credit card co. is initiating a dispute against them.I also cancelled my card and will receive
a new one with a different # in a couple of days.
I also went to the website for British columbia's BBB and after filling out their form,I was told there was not enough info to bring a complaint!??
I am not giving up, however.I like the idea of joining a class action suit...When this happens...Sign Me UP!!

Tracie said...

Help!~ I signed up as well and didn't realize it wasn't free and got charged $99. I have tried and tried to get someone on the phone but keep getting music and then a recording. Does anyone know how else to get a hold of them?

Anonymous said...

Bidrack must be struggling. They are now selling mainly crappy electronics that have a "retail price" of $15-25... and they are charging $7-15 for shipping.

lyssaloulou said...

I was sent there from a website called "". I thought that maybe because it was on an anti-scam website it wouldn't be a scam. Well, I signed up and then it asked for my credit card information (Granted, it was REALLY stupid of me to give it to them). I never saw a "Buy now" or "For $99!" sign. Basically, I WAS NOT told I would be charged. All the continue button was, was "Sign Up!". So, clicked on that and it tells me, "Your order number is..." I was so angry. They never said one thing about charging me! So I called my bank and they said it is a scam and as soon as the bank posts the charges, I can get it refunded. I also email BidRack (Tried called, no one answered even after 30 minutes, 24/7 is ANOTHER LIE) and they opened a "case" about it. I can't believe I've fallen for this. I feel absolutely, ridiculously stupid.

Anonymous said...

They have told me they will not give me a refund. I didn't even want to buy it! They charged me $99 and when I complained they said they would give me an $80 bidpack for free. I never got it!

Elana Lotman said...

It seems that 99 is the magic number! I checked out the website for free and it cost me 99.00 on my cc also.
So I contacted my bank, the BBB and bidRACKET as
well. Has anyone received a refund for 99.00 bidpack they never purchased to begin with??

Anonymous said...

I logged onto the website for bidrack and the page that was displayed had a checklist of bidrack's benefits which also included a green checkmark indicating refunds and customer live chat which I bookmarked and intend to show my bank as well. if necessary I will also send that page to the BBB.

Anonymous said...

Okay, one more thing- yes I do agree that you would
not need to supply cc info for a free registration.
HOWEVER you would think that you would need to
supply that info because you are BIDDING on items that cost money and when you win that is how you will pay for them. SO, Dont feel as if you ASKED to be scammed by supplying a credit card number. It is the way you do get scammed though.

Anonymous said...





Terri said...

Holy cow! 58 pages here.

Add me to the list of humiliated who have been duped into unknowingly parting with $99 bucks. The charge still shows as pending in my account. My bank said to come back when it clears, because they can't do anything until then.

I've printed out the pages that Anonymous is referring to and also pages from this blog, and it's all going to the bank with me when I go this week.

Natalie said...

I really hate that the situation is getting worse and not better. I briefly had a little bit of restored faith in them after they refunded people and sent out a customer letter apologizing and saying it was a mistake that would never happen again. So sad to hear that they have now come up with a new way to "dupe" people. I'm sure whoever came up with this ingenious scam is sitting pretty on a big pile of cash right now. He's going to need it for a better lawyer after everyone joins a class action law suit and comes after him. What a shame.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I hust received an email asking for my name, address, and number... When I signed up, I gave it to them, Somethings funny here...

Here's the EMAIL I GOT..

A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #621+++ with the following response:


Thank you for contacting regarding your account. I just pulled up your account and where your account information such as name/address/phone number should be is blank. Please provide your Name/Phone number so we can have a manager give you a call to discuss this situation.

Thank you,
Angela M
Customer Support

We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, reply to this email or login to your account for a complete archive of all your support requests and responses.

Anonymous said...

Look, it's obvious that any service like BidRack that charges people to "pre-purchase" bids is a gimmicky website. The point of a bid is that a bid is an offer. There should never be a fee to qualify someone to bid in an auction.

This reminds me of those arcade-like machines (that sit usually in Walmart entrances) with the big piece of glass for you to see all the nice teddy bears and drops tons of quarters trying to get the crane to pickup a teddy bear and drop it down the shoot. You lose more money dropping coins to a rigged crane then if you went to the store and just bought one.

Anonymous said...

I will admit, I wish I had taken the time to do a search to see reviews and blogs on this site "BidRack" before venturing onto their site. I foolishly (like an idiot) entered my CC info, didn't understand I was actually purchasing $99 worth of bids, and when I realized what I had inadvertently done because at the top of the bid page it indicated I had purchased $99 worth of bids I realized the site must be a scam, but could not get any response - all sorts of stalling from them - Emailed only to be told that they were so sorry, no refunds, that's their policy but They would give me more bids. Not what I wanted. Then, after days and days received an email that they cannot deal with refunds through emails so call the number 855-900-7225. Called that number no answer on the telephone # they give 1-855-900-7225 for their so called 24/7 customer service contact line. Called dozens of times only to have the line go dead or to hear nice music indefinitely. Finally today actually spoke with a so-called human being who informed me they would refund $39 of my $99 bid purchase. Unbelievable. Bitter lesson learned here. Only hope others won't fall into the very crooked trap of this web site.

tony said...

i just went from an ad from cnbc claiming this reporter tested bidrack and how she made it work and won an ipad. down below was a link that brought me to unknowingly pay 99.00 as some of you, once i seen i paid 99.00 i started research and found this page, too bad i didnt research b4 trying to register for so-called free beginer bids. tony

Anonymous said...

Bidrack has been scamming people since the beginning of the year. It is amazing they have not shut down and walked away with the money.

An outfit did that that used to sell electronics and camera equipment on eBay. They sold insurance policies underwritten by a firm they owned. After thousands of sales, they simply closed shop on both businesses and walked away with all the insurance money.

Anonymous said...

well, just like some of you i think i been scam by bidrack and this makes me very mad let's suit them.

Anonymous said...

I just got a responds from BBB with a responds back from someone in stating:

Dear James F*****,

I'd like to express our apologies for any misunderstanding you had regarding our site. Directly to the left of where you enter your card number it states that you are being charged $99 and you will receive 175 bids. In order to bid on our site and win the great prizes you were after, a bid pack must be purchased.

That being said, we want to ensure that each and every customer has a great experience on our site. I can see that this has not happened in your case. For this reason, we have issued you a full refund for the purchase price of your bid pack. This refund will be reflected on your card within 7 to 10 days. Again, we apologize for the misunderstanding regarding our site and any inconveniences it may have caused you.


We'll see if Budrack will follow through...

Theodore said...

Same thing as everyone else with the $99 scam. How many people have had success after disputing with their credit card company? Is there any contact info for the Canada BBB?


tiltonfaye said...

All this happened today. got me as well. The sad thing is that I responded to a craigslist ad that advertised a kindle for sale for $ 70.00- only used as a display item so it was brand new.

Much to my surprise, the person that placed the ad responded back to me with 48 hours saying the kindle had been sold, but if I would go to a hyperlink that said "this site" (which took me to bidrack) that she had picked up (2) kindles for $ 70.00 each.

I completed what I thought to be a "free registration". I then googled Bid Rack, only to find all the negative feedback on this company. I immediately contacted my credit card company and they verified, a $99 charge was in process on my credit card from this company. I was told to contact them to discuss prior to my credit card company denying the charges. I tried to contact the 800 number that was advertised and stayed on the phone for over 15 mins twice and 45 mins another time. Never got a human being, just music. Needless to say i will fight this charge through my credit card company. It is such as disgrace that you have people out in this world that are scam artist !!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, I got my refund back of $99.00 from bidrack, you have to file a complant with the BBB to get it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to post the following if it helps anyone contact:


Domain Name: BIDRACK.COM
Registrar: MONIKER

Registrant [3438028]:
Moniker Privacy Services
Moniker Privacy Services
20 SW 27th Ave.
Suite 201
Pompano Beach

Administrative Contact [3438028]:
Moniker Privacy Services
Moniker Privacy Services
20 SW 27th Ave.
Suite 201
Pompano Beach
Phone: +1.9549848445
Fax: +1.9549699155

Billing Contact [3438028]:
Moniker Privacy Services
Moniker Privacy Services
20 SW 27th Ave.
Suite 201
Pompano Beach
Phone: +1.9549848445
Fax: +1.9549699155

Technical Contact [3438028]:
Moniker Privacy Services
Moniker Privacy Services
20 SW 27th Ave.
Suite 201
Pompano Beach
Phone: +1.9549848445
Fax: +1.9549699155

Domain servers in listed order:


Record created on: 2006-01-05 14:12:27.0
Database last updated on: 2011-04-29 17:39:43.777
Domain Expires on: 2021-01-05 14:12:27.0

Anonymous said...

Saved by my Credit Card company... website is misleading and claims are incorrect and dishonest! Did not find that out UNTIL after I signed up... definitely a SCAM site (kind of like one of those carnival games where you get "one more try" for another 50 cents... you know how that works. After I learned what really goes on, I found that my Credit Card company emailed me to ask if I really inteneded to purchase "bids" from this site... apparently they have had enough problems with bidrack to actually put a security layer in their for card holders. Thank you IT people! I am not a fan of eBay b/c they are a bunch of dunderheads who don't know or understand the first thing about "contracts", but do understand about taking your money. However, at least with eBay you know HOW they are screwing you... with bidrack, you don't even know you've been duped until way after you've spent your TIME and money. No to BIDRACK!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I didnt do the research n this company prior to signing up. I also got the 99 dollar charge on my account. I contacted them and got the same email regarding their policy and the fact that I saw it to the right of the CC info. and they credited my bidrack account 120 free bids. then went on to say look at these auctions that were JUST WON, hmmm they were the same ones that the other blogger showed in his post. I wrote them back and stated that them crediting me 120 bids were not acceptible and I was reporting them to the BBB and disputing the charge with my bank and that I wanted my money back in my account and also it was funny how they sent the exact same email to another user with the exact same wins, that it was impossible for this to have happened since he was sent his email in February and mine was just done.I also told them that I was going to let everyone I know about their company and get the information about their practices out everywhere I could. I would only settle for my money returned and my account closed.
Well I get another email back from them stating that they have requested a refund on my behalf and that to remember it could take 7-10 days for it to show in my account.
I thought I would let you all know. I will update if the money actually comes back to me.

EmBee said...

I wish to God I had seen this before - I also got charged $99 when I thought it was for free!! I tried my luck but apart from the the 5 bids pack and one pair of sunglasses, I never won anything. I was under the impression that I had to buy a $60 pack and was most astounded to get $99 charge! I am usually not a sucker but fell for this. And all that bit about raising an amount by a penny when we are actually paying 0.5 per bid is surely one big scam!

GdB said...

WHAT A F*&@!#*&#! SCAM.

$99 hidden charge for the crappiest BS auction website I have ever seen!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had found this a few days ago. I'm normally a very skeptical person, but saw this on facebook and in a moment of weakness I signed up. I too thought I was entering my c/c for future purposes, or perhaps some kind of membership fee...and then suddenly I'm charged $99. I "bid" on a few things which of course I didn't win, then I won a 5 bid voucher (which I think is a set up for the newbies to think they can actually win something). My problem is that my c/c company actually called me because of these unusual charges, and I accepted them (still not seeing the light). So now what? I've accepted the charge, I don't think my c/c co will do anything. I've deleted my info off the site, and will be watching my statement to see if there are any other charges. Btw the only stuff people seem to win (and actually receive) is the cheap junk you can get at the dollar store...that should tell us something. I will be contacting my local news tomorrow and alerting them of this scam, hopefully they can get it out to the public. And shame on Facebook!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this website. After I typed in my personal information and shortly after I put my credit card number in, something went off in my head and I did not complete the signup process with my credit card expiration date and security code. Thank goodness I decided to do a Google search for "bidrack scam?" and I found this site. Thank you thank you. I do not want to pay $99 for junk that I can get at the dollar store and hassle with bidding on things I am likely to never win plus waste time disputing charges with the credit card company or bidrack. Much stress saved and a lot of hassle and time saved. Thank you thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I too would like to thank everyone who has posted their less than positive experiences with BidRack here. You all saved me from making a huge mistake. These people are masters at setting up scams. is partly to blame for me nearly making this mistake, they have a link to a "Consumer Alert" site that looks very official and draws your attention very quickly to the "extremely low prices on winning auctions", almost got me. Like one of the people who posted above I was hyped to the point of having entered my personal information but started having second thoughts about entering my credit card info. Searched google and viola you fine people saved me a lot of headaches. Thank you all again.

Always distrust any website that makes you "sign up" before you can even tour the actual site to see it's workings. From what I have read here the "scam" has changed from taking the "loosing" bidders money to using robo-bidders to force bidding wars to now "free" $99 memberships. Why has this company and site not been shut down yet? Not that they won't just start a different scam somewhere else.

Thanks again everyone.

Robert said...

I too was scammed by bidrack last night. $75 to get started bidding on a Kindle. The $75 was a hidden charge as I thought I was just taking a look around. Nope the charge was made upfront in a very sneaky way. Same for the "terms and conditions". Never shows in the signup process.

It is a gambling site, heavily weighted toward the owners.

Bob Z

Dave will not be scammed! said...

I will not sit still for this. Here's the letter I just sent to them:


I am hereby officially demanding a reversal of the $99.00 charge you applied to my credit card yesterday (6/8/11) to register for your "Free account". My username is *********.

After going through your process of registering, I did some research on your company. I now realize that I am one of probably thousands who were deceptively charged this fee.

I understand your "strict no-refund policy" but do not care. I have read hundreds of posts on multiple consumer alert websites where people have spent hours on the phone and weeks pointlessly exchanging emails with your company. Take note that I do not intend to jump through any of those hoops. Surely there are many who would merely take the $99 hit and chalk it up to a lesson learned. I will not be one of those.

I have already contracted my bank, reported the situation, demanded a reversal of this charge, and will not rest until I get back this fraudulently-acquired payment.

My goal is to spend as little time on this matter as possible. The quickest solution is for you to immediately comply, reverse the charge and reply with an official notice of financial acquiescence. But if you refuse, I will spend whatever time it takes to pursue every single consumer recourse available (Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, Attorneys General, Consumer Advocacy Groups, Social Networking and more).

Make the right choice now and save us both time and litigation. Reverse the charge and delete my account TODAY.

—[my name]

P.S. It seems to me that if your service was so good, you wouldn't need to use such fallacious means to sell your bids. Had you employed a more straightforward method of informing your potential customers of an immediate charge to their card, you'd have more online integrity.

I will let you know what they do.

Terri said...

Okay. After two e-mails and two phone calls with Bidrack refusing to refund me, I put it in the hands of my bank.

I'm happy to say that I got my $99.00 back in about a week's time.

Anonymous said...

I posted one little comment and now ended up posting tons. I am here to set you people straight. (and others agree) QUIT CRYING SCAM. If you enter in your credit card / debit info ANY WHERE on the web, it is to make a purchase! "I gave someone all my info and credit card # and they charged me" scam, scam, scam. Take responsibility. I believe they are a legit company. And if you read, a lot of you STILL got your money back even after putting in your info.

Anonymous said...

I got scammed also by Bidrack! I think we should do something about this! I submitted my claim on so a class action lawsuit can be filed.

Look at all the others getting screwed too!

Anyone else wanting to get justice and get your money back submit your claim also so we can shut these guys down!

Anonymous said...

To the "Anonymous - QUIT CRYING SCAM" person. So if I invent a soda machine that knowingly charges you for a soda but only delivers sodas to every fifth person and only returns the money to one out of every 20 people who attempt to buy a soda but don't get one then just because it gave anyone back their money or a soda it's not a scam? And if someone complains by filling out one of those complaint cards and I give them back their money and a "free" soda for their trouble then it's still not a scam even though I will have pocketed hundreds of dollars of money from people who never got the soda they paid for or a refund? Your "legit" company is knowingly doing just that, it's called placation. They return a few people's money and or fulfill the purchase orders for those people but hundreds of others never receive their money back or the product they "won" the bids on. Now that you got back your money, bids, or money and products your happy but your forgetting all the people who never got any type of satisfaction from BidRack. Just remember a scam is a scam no matter if you win this time someone else always looses.

There is never any reason someone should have to go to the lenghts that many posters on this blog and other blogs have had to just to get money returned from BidRight. The BBB, FTC and other organizations should not have to be contacted just to get your money back. That is also part of the scam the bigger the stink you make the quicker they copitulate because they know their business practices are questionable. Think of the thousands of others who haven't filed a complaint or made threats, thats how BidRack's owners are getting rich.

Oh yeah, thanks to everyone here once again for saving me from making the huge mistake of joining BidRack. I hope you all get some form of satisfaction from BidRack before they take the money and run.

Anonymous said...

Bidrack is the best site ever I have won many items and received most of them, aside from a few that were out of stock, and I was refunded bids in those cases

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know if I would go as far as saying "bidrack is the best website ever" Personally I really like it! and everything has been smooth. But the best EVER naaaa. I notice here how quick everyone is to complain. All the good comments posted everyone isnores. Say one thing bad and you have 100 people saying "ya ya shut them down" I guess is just a way for people to put blame for their mistakes on someone else.

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