Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Action Pack 4: The Great Outdoors Issue

I'm so excited!!! The new issue of Whipup's Action Pack is here!  This issue features 60 pages of activities, recipes, games and tutorials for kids (ages 7+) that focus on the Great Outdoors. I love the fact that these activities encourage kids to get outside. And there are plenty of "boy" activities!

You can find the following items in this issue:

- Campfire cooking recipes, Weather science experiments and Outdoor art projects.

- This Action Pack also has a super great section on Boredom busting games for car trips and rainy days. And we know there are plenty of those at holiday time.

- This Action Pack has a lovely big section on crafts: Including detailed instructions on how to make a must-have utility belt and bag , flower press and nature journal to take along on your nature excursions with you, and nature jewels and a woven fly swat that you can make while camping or hiking, from materials you can find along the way.

- This Action Pack also has a whole section on adventure and survival. Including how to make your own fish trap, fishing rod, how to safely light a campfire and detailed illustrations on how to tie seven different knots that just might save your life!

I'm not sure I even know how to safely light a campfire so that will be useful to know!  Even though Noodlebug is too young to do a lot of these activities, I'm stockpiling ideas and I'm sure we can modify some of the ideas to make them age appropriate.

Get your own digital download copy here for the bargain price of $6!

(I'm off to get my own right now!)


Gary said...

Very cool! Which reminds me, I had been meaning to bring this book to your attention:


Maybe you have seen it already, but I came across it one day at the library and it made me think of you and Aidan.

Rebecca Bany said...