Monday, June 6, 2011

Time Flies (Sneak Peek)

This weekend, I worked on my piece for Inspire Co.'s Birthday Treasury Swap.  My partner, KL, has a style that is "Rusty, patina, layered, curiousities." I decided to go with a "Time Flies" theme for my box and used one of these 7gypsies charms as inspiration:

(Image Source)

As I worked, I realized how very "steam punk" my piece is looking so I had to add in a tiny bit of whimsy. It's almost finished and I'll be mailing it out this week. Can't wait to share it with you!!!

In other news, it has been rainy and cold here for days and days. Where is our Summer?  Since we were stuck inside, Noodlebug and I pulled out a game he got for his birthday:

(image source)
 This Life on Earth Bingo game is so cute!!!  Since there were just two of us, I let Noodle pick a board for each of us and then I drew tiles from the box behind my back. I announced the animal or other natural object on the tile and then Noodle and I would look for the corresponding picture on our boards.  He would get so excited when he had one.

"I have a platypus!!!!"

When one board was covered with tiles, we would both shout "BINGO!" and throw up our arms. We played it over and over again.  It was a fun rainy day activity and we avoided the television.


Heidi said...

That animal bingo game looks like fun! I love playing a game of Guess the Animal with my little grand-kids, they are so happy and proud when they get the names right! Won't our kids be smart in science at school?? LOL

And you signed up for Amy's swap??? How fun! You must just know how much I wanted hand was hovering over the SEND button to sign up.....BUT, I'll instead just watch what you do! Looks like you're enjoying the creating part now!

Hugs, Heidi

PS Rain here today.....where is SUMMER is the question!!!

CarolynM. said...

Your "time flies" pieces look great! I am commenting because they made me thing of something. Maybe not relevant but interesting. When I worked at the bead store I had a friend taking pieces of old antique watches and setting them in a resin mold. They were selling like crazy. Anyway. Good job and thanks for sharing. :)