Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Foot at a Time

One of the wonderful things about having a child is that you are often given the opportunity to see the world through their eyes.  Like many of you, I am always in a rush trying to get everything done. I am constantly juggling being a wife, motherhood, working full-time, church, caring for my mother, serving on a local board and housekeeping.  Everything always feels like I need to RUSH RUSH RUSH! 

Noodlebug and I were downtown last weekend and we were walking briskly to a  local store to exchange something.  He abruptly stopped and said, "One foot at at a time, Mommy!"

At first, I couldn't understand what he was talking about.  We were walking through a small plaza downtown and when I looked down I saw the pattern of rectangles that the pavers made.  Noodlebug was carefully putting one foot in each paver while avoiding the cracks. 

Look closely and you'll see the pavers  (Image Source)

Instead of pulling him along and rushing to get my errands done, I made myself stop and join in on his game.  And we slowly put one foot at a time in each rectangle.  And it was fun.

Thank you, God, for giving me a child who reminds me to stop and smell the roses.  And to put down "one foot at a time."


CarolynM. said...

That was a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing. My children are grown and out on their own. But i remember those days.

Amy said...

Carolyn--Thanks so much for dropping by!!! I love meeting new friends!