Friday, May 27, 2011

E-zines for Kids!

Looking for some ideas for Summer activites?  Try these wonderful and creative e-zines!

1.  Alphabet Glue is the brainchild of Bird and Little Bird.  It offers fun activities for young book lovers. Since I have always secretly dreamed of owning a children's bookstore or being a children's librarian, this especially appeals to me.  I loved the first issue and am anxiously awaiting the second. So many great literacy-enhancing activities and all for the bargain price of $4.

Get Action Pack - Craft and Creative Activities for Kids 7+

2.  The Whip Up Action Pack is another wonderful e-zine filled with activities for kids age 7 and up.  Each issue has a theme and is filled with crafts, outdoor activities, cooking and more.  The first issue was in March and the latest monthly edition for June will be coming out soon. Each of the issues are either $5 or $6.

Although Noodlebug is still too young for these publications, I am stockpiling them because they are filled with such great activities.

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