Thursday, May 5, 2011

Introducing Pick Your Plum!!!

I love flash sale sites! When I heard about a flash sale site devoted to crafty things, I almost wet my pants!  Once I ordered a few things, I decided I had to become an affiliate. I know I will be checking in every single day to see what new treasures await!!!

Wait, hurry go over there and get it before they are sold out and then come back and I will tell you the rest.

This is their 2 week birthday today so they are celebrating with a $0.25 deal.

pick your plum

It's the good kind that is used all over blog land.

pick your plum

They sold out of their vinyl sheets, Metal Handles, No Soli Signs, Vintage knobs...they go fast!

pick your plum

This is a new site with a cool concept. This site launched 2 weeks ago.

This site posts the most 'swank' crafting supplies that they find and delicately slap prim-o pricing on them. They showed their line up of supplies and goodies and They. Are. Good. On the list: hand painted vintage inspired knobs, retta ring table runners, metal plate holders, treat bags, and their prices ...just wait.

pick your plum

pick your plum

Here is the catch though:

They have limited quantities. So ya got to get it {{before your neighbor does}}.

You do have to pay shipping, but it always very reasonable.

I am excited to see what's up tomorrow!

So be one of the first to sign up on their email list and FB page and you'll know what's up and how fast you have to act.

For now they are posting one item per day. Good Stuff.

Don't worry though. If you get on their email list you can find out {{before your neighbor does}}***


Auntie Bliss said...

Well that is interesting. Looks like they sold out today. I have never heard of a flash site before.

Amy said...

They are awesome!!! I usually buy Noodle's clothes that way. I get name-brand kids clothes and toys for 60-70% off. They are called flash sites, however, because the sales usually only last a few days and then they are gone. My favorites are Gilt, Hautelook and The Mini Social. And now Pick Your Plum!!!