Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pick Your Plum Today

Aren't these Elizabethan-inspired iron flowers lovely?  I like the idea of using them to hang photographs from.  Today, you can get three of them for $8 at Pick Your Plum.  Now I'm thinking about rehanging all my framed photos after seeing these lovely flowers!!!!  They only have 34 sets remaining so hurry!


BettyB. said...

Well yes I like them, but don't really like that this post is just a sales pitch and nothing more.

Amy said...

Thanks for your feedback, Betty! I try to do a variety of things on this blog including bringing cool things to the attention of my readers. Pick Your Plum lists something new every single day and I seldom put anything up about it. I try to limit these types of posts to things that I happen to think are particularly cool.