Thursday, May 19, 2011

Put Me in the Zoo

Noodlebug and I had a nice day at the Zoo yesterday. I love the elephants.  He loves the lions and tigers.  Grrrr....

I have a deep love of animals. I have always felt conflicted about zoos.  I hate seeing wild things contained.  And some of the animals often look so sad. Especially the polar bears. They aren't meant to be kept in cages.  No matter how gilded they are. 


Now that I have a child, I see the importance of zoos. Just as you can never get the true impact of a work of art by looking at it in a book, a child cannot understand the significance and beauty of an animal without seeing it in person. I can still remember the first time he saw a giraffe. Yesterday, he saw an elephant for the first time. He has two stuffed elephants that he sleeps with every night.  I asked him if he thought the elephants would be big or small. He said big but he didn't know HOW big.  He was a little overwhelmed when he saw one and wouldn't get near the railing at first.  I want him to learn to appreciate these wonder creatures so that he will want to be steward and conservator of them.

I have a special love for giraffes and elephants because every time I look at them, I am amazed at how they came to be with the impossibly long graceful necks of the former and the expressive eyes and long trunks of the latter.  They embody the wonder of God's creation for me.

In other news....

I am gathering inspiration for Amy's birthday swap.  I have been paired with Kerry and I am sweating bullets.  I can see from her blog what a talented and creative person she is and I don't want to disappoint her.  I'm really going to have to step up my game.  If you want to sign up for the swap, there is still time!!!

I am also working on making Noodlebug a pirate costume for a birthday party he is going to on Saturday. I'm using Dana's inspiration and already created my own bias tape.  Here's hoping I can get it done!!!

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