Friday, May 20, 2011

Halloween and Vine---Another Reason to Come to Petaluma

If you are a collector of Halloween art and ephemera, you cannot miss the annual Halloween and Vine show on September 24.

My friend Charles is a regular vendor at this show.  I may be a little biased but I think he is unbelievably talented.  Plus, he understands my love of all things whimsical. Check out his latest piece:

Isn't she wonderful? Like a witch out of a fairy tale!!! If you come to Halloween and Vine, you will have the opportunity to purchase this delightful witch. I can't wait to see the other wonders that Charles comes up with.

For another look at Charles' creative powers:

Charles made my veil from pieces of my mother's wedding dress.  He also did my makeup.

Halloween and Vine is cross-promoting with ART IS YOU this year.  So, come for the retreat and stay for the show.  Make sure your pocketbook is full. There are simply too many wonderful things to buy.  I came thisclose to buying a steampunk-inspired top hat last year!

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