Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yee-Haw Cowboy Toddler Birthday Party

The weather held off until after the party was over and a good time was had by all.  The theme for Noodlebug's 3rd birthday party was a western/cowboy theme. 

We made paperbag cowboy/cowgirl puppets:

(my sister-in-law models some puppets)

Designed our own stick horses using yardsticks and brown paper bags:

Panned for "gold" (small toys and fake gold coins) in the sandbox:

And took photos in an improvised photobooth:

We served my mother's amazing chili, corn on the cob, hot dogs and watermelon.  

I think it was a great success and all 30+ attendees had a good time.

(Noodlebug loved his strawberry ice cream cake)

Now, I think I will go lie down until MY birthday.


Jenny said...

That is so funny! Our daughter's third birthday party was a western theme and we panned for gold too! So much fun. It looks like y'all had a great time! ;)

HippieDog said...

Cute party Amy! happy Birthday Noodlebug! xoxo

Auntie Bliss said...

HOW cute!!! I know those kiddies loved it! I always think stick horses are so cute and fun. We also had our 12 y.o.'s party. Craziness...I need to recupe too!

Heidi said...

You are one rocking' mama! Great job on the cowboy party, Amy! Remember what cowboys alway say: "We don't take baths, we just dust off!"

Gary said...

Wow, you really put a lot of work into this party. I'm sure everyone had a great time. And that one cowgirl sure looks fine, whoever she is.

Corbin said...

I'm newly following your blog and I came across it looking for cowboy birthday ideas :) Love the pictures of the party. How did you make the horses out of yard sticks?

Amy said...

Hi there!
Because I was on a budget, I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of yard sticks which were pretty cheap. Less than $1 each. I then drew out the general shape of a horse head and traced it onto paper grocery bags. You need two sides for each head so I would fold the paper bag in half, trace the head, and then cut it out in order to get two heads that were mirror images. You then take the two heads and sandwich the yardstick in between. I just used regular white Elmer's glue and it worked fine. I then punched five holes along the back of the head for the mane.

I left the heads blank so the kids could color them and personalize them. I put out google eyes but most of the kids chose to draw on eyes so they could choose the color. I also put out precut lengths of yarn in different colors that the kids threaded through the punched holes to make manes with. If you want, you can also use thin colored tape (like electrical tape) to make a harness.

It was the BIG HIT of the party. After each child created their stick horse, we had stick horse races and obstacle courses.

Hope that helps!!!


Corbin said...

Thanks so much for responding. I think I'll do this for my son's's in October so I have plenty of time to work on them. Thanks again!