Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Project Roundup

I finished two projects this past weekend. One was a definite WIN...with a little tweaking. The other....FAIL.  I will try to get photos tonight. 

We're going up for our trip to the Fair on Friday. The whole family entered things in the various contests and I can't wait to see how we did.  Plus, I just love seeing what my neighbors have entered.

Okay, here is the fail:

I made Noodlebug a pair of pants using Dana's tutorial.  Even though her son is older, he is more petite than Noodlebug. I thought I took this into account when I was modifying the pattern but these still came out looking a little tight.

I think the problem may be the rise.  Or maybe it's the fact that he is still wearing Pull-Ups. It just doesn't look right.

I also fixed his outdoor play tent but I don't have a photo yet.  I used this tutorial.

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