Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scenes from Halloween 2011

Quick and easy pumpkin:  (Did you know that old-fashioned pointy can openers make excellent pumpkin carving tools?)

(We named him "Joe Blow")

(Noodle with his little girlfriend---photo by Paul McGavin)

I am adding this photo so you can see all the fake pumpkins I carved.  Got them at Michael's at 50% off plus a one day only 25% coupon.  They are REALLY hard to carve!!!  You can see my much loved family sign by Heidi in the background.

(trick or treating our friend Monique)


Heidi said...

Hi Amy!
Yes, I see your cute costumes and your Noodl's G/F! LOL She's a cutie, he has good taste!!! Yes, I see your special family sign by your front door---how cool to display like that! Looks like you got some candy......did you pull out all the chocolate, as all good mommies should???? That was what I used to say, Chocolate is only for Mom's! (Didn't get very far, but it got me a few pieces!)
Hugs, and Happy Thursday! Heidi

Amy said...

You're right, Heidi! Chocolate is the perfect mommy tax!

It's hard to see but I have the sign wired to a freestanding wrought-iron angel that stands next to our front door. It was the very first thing I moved to the new house and it made it feel like home.


HippieDog said...

Awwhhh! Super cute the costumes :)

Anonymous said...

I can't get over how creative you are ... the costumes and yard decorations look great, Amy!