Friday, November 18, 2011

Update on Crowdtap **updated with Pinecone info**

Some of you may remember that I mentioned Crowdtap five months ago. It is a new opinion panel site that I decided to join. (because I love taking surveys!) 

I thought I would report back on my experience with them so far.

It is really fun to take surveys with Crowdtap. The more interaction you have with them, the better the benefits.  You get points and "money" by answering surveys and joining panels.  When you reach $10 in "money," you can cash it in for a gift code to Amazon.  Part of the money is also donated to the charity of your choice which I love. I have heard that some Tappers have gotten free products but I haven't gotten any so far. I am currently at the Gold level and it has taken me five months to get there.  It seems like most of the good opportunities go to people at the Gold and Platinum levels. I tried to participate in every activity and survey opportunity that was offered as long as it was something that was appropriate. In other words, I would never lie just to get into a survey or opportunity.

It can take a long time to move up through the ranks.  It took several months to accumulate enough "money" to get my Amazon gift code but it helped me to get a birthday present for almost free which was great!  You really have to be patient and stick with it in order to reap any real benefits.

If you are interested in joining, go here.  If nothing else, it can be really fun to answer surveys. And you never know what kind of product opportunities might come up!!!

I just got an e-mail that Pinecone Research is recruiting.  I have been doing surveys with them for years and they don't often allow new people to sign up.  For each product survey you take, you get $3 free and clear deposited into your Paypal account.  (this does not include general information surveys they sometimes send)  They also enter you in contests to win cash as well but I have never won one.  However, it is really nice to get cash for answering surveys and I like seeing it pile up in my Paypal account. I use it to fuel my Etsy addiction!!!

For a limited time, you can sign up for Pinecone here.  (I do not get any compensation for getting you to sign up for Pinecone. I just think it's the best deal out there for people who like answering surveys)

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Anonymous said...

That does sound like a lot of fun. Dan has a buddy that participates in one of those deals where you eat at certain restaurants etc. If the service and food is wonderful and they pass off everything on the little list they get to hand the employee a gift note :) I think that's such a cool thing...but if it was bad service I would feel too guilty :) lol
I will have to check into your link, I love the idea and Dan loves answering surveys....I mean he loves surveys, know :) Wish we were neighbors and we could help each other trim the trees.....and fences :) xo