Monday, September 3, 2012

ABC Learning Toy

I have been wanting to make Amy Powers' ABC Learning Toy that was featured in one of her Inspired Ideas ezines for a long time.  I gathered a variety of wooden spools and a spool holder and printed out Amy's letter template. I realized pretty quickly that I needed cardstock for the letters.  Since the spools can't go all the way down the spindles once the end is covered, you need a pretty hardy piece of paper or else it will punch through.  I also hunted down paper that depicted items starting with each letter and wrapped them around the appropriate spools.

I involved Noodlebug in the selection of the papers and stickers we used so that he could connect the idea of the letter and the image.  He really enjoys mixing up the letters and putting them back in order on the spools.  Later, I'll make some extra vowels and he can start making words. Thanks to Amy for a great idea!!!

**UPDATE** We have had a little trouble with the dowels punching through the paper on the end of the spools since the dowels are slightly longer than the spools.  My solution was to put a dab of glue gun glue in the hole and then recover it with the paper.  Problem solved!!!

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