Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Day of School Teacher Gift

I got all my inspiration for this project from Laura Winslow Photography.

I always love going through the Dollar bins at Target. You can find the most interesting things there! That is why I thought Laura's idea for a first day of school teacher gift was so perfect! My son starts Kindergarten next week and he'll have three teachers. I wanted to do something special for the first day.

They still had the cute pouches in the dollar bins at Target so I grabbed some for $3 a piece. I then printed out Laura's free tags and attached them using ribbon that I already had.

Laura put cute pencils and lip balm inside of her bags.  Personally, I always find myself needing hand lotion during the day.  So, I headed to the area at Target that has all the travel sizes and grabbed some lotion and EOS lip balm.

All in all, I think the gifts were about $5 each. It's just a small gift but I'm hoping it will show the teachers that we appreciate them already!  Thanks to Laura Winslow for the fun idea!

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