Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bellaween and Knitting

I signed up for the latest MY MINUTIA e-zine called Bellaween and so far it has some great projects. I haven't done any yet because I need to go out and get some materials but I can't wait to try the projects.
Tonight, my buddy Monique is coming over and we'll be knitting up a storm. Maybe I'll finish the teddy bear tonight! I'll post photos when I do. I just need to finish knitting half of the back of the bear and sew it all together. Then, I'm going to felt it. I've never tried felting before so this should be interesting.


HippieDog said...

Dear Amy.....I'm patiently waiting to see that bear :) Hope your week is wonderful.....

Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

I admire you...knowing how to knit! I can't knit and I'm bad at crochet. I can cut and glue...does that count?? LOL The Bellaween sounds like fun...hope to see what you make!

PS I'm having to move my is closing down blogs. My NEW blog is