Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Elf

Here is a sneak peek at Noodlebug's costume.  His little friend is hugging him in excitement as they look at a real live baby calf!  They have been buddies since they were little bitty and now Noodlebug is 17 months old and Girlfriend is almost 2. It's hard to get a photo of Noodlebug's costume since he is always on the go now!

Last night we carved a pumpkin and then went to see a great Halloween light display. Tonight, I am going to watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" with Noodlebug and I can't wait!  (especially since he is going as Charlie Brown for Halloween) 

The best part of yesterday?  A Halloween Elf sent me a fantastic box of goodies!  I will take photos tonight and post more about it tomorrow.  I'm a lucky lady!


Gary said...

Those Halloween lights are really cool. I hadn't ever heard of such a thing.

Chad Dunbar said...

Hey, I saw that you were linking me on this blog. This one of the creator, chad, and I am glad you enjoyed the show. Christmas will be way bigger. Keep checking our website or facebook page for updates.

Nikella said...

I LOVE Charlie Brown! What an awesome costume!!! Why did I never think of that?!