Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, Noodlebug and I are fighting off illness again. Probably because we stuff our weekends as full as we can get them!  On Saturday, we took advantage of the lovely weather and hosted a garage sale. Didn't make a lot of money but we have fewer THINGS which is a good thing.  After that, Noodlebug and I took Grandma to a local pumpkin patch. Those pumpkins were expensive!!!  Our porch looks a lot more festive, though.  On Sunday, we went to church where we heard the New Life Band from Tanzania. So wonderful! Makes me wish we had African music EVERY Sunday! Then, it was Noodlebug's Jesus n' Me Playgroup.  Everytime the group applauds after a song, he is convinced they are applauding for him.  After that, I put him in his Charlie Brown Halloween costume for a local Mother's club festival.  At that point, he had had enough. During the costume contest, he lay down on the stage and kicked his feet. I picked up him and Snoopy and carried them off the stage. Not sure I got any good photos out of THAT fiasco. A good long nap was in order and I think that helped everyone. Now, it is a rainy day and I am fighting sleep at work. I have a few projects in the works to share with you so keep checking in!!!

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Gary said...

What a huge weekend! I'm not sure why I'm surprised you purged some of your stuff in a garage sale. I thought you liked all your stuff, but probably it was time to make some room.

Wished I could have seen Aidan's meltdown on stage, but I guess it wasn't so funny being the parent. I'll bet he looked cute, meltdown or no.