Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

I had four blissful days with Noodlebug this weekend. We went to one of our local pumpkin patches so he could pick out a pumpkin. He ended up with three mini-pumpkins and carried one around all day on Saturday. It is hard to believe that last year at this time he was just beginning to sit up.  At Thanksgiving last year, he began eating solid foods. Between Christmas and New Year's, he started crawling.  So many milestones over the last holiday season. And now he is so big!!!  He'll be 17 months old on the 18th. Sigh.

I'm still working on getting Halloween decorations up but I should have some photos to share with you soon. Right now, I'm off to work where I will sit in office with the rain beating against my window.


amber {daisy chain} said...

that's just about the sweetest pic ever - the sweater totally makes it!

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

What a cutie pie,you guys actually have pumpkin patches thats adorable sort of like christmas tree farms.

Alison Gibbs said...

My goodness how quickly that 17 months has flown by.
He is so sweet.

Amy said...

We live in Northern California in the wine country and we are surrounded by pumkpin patches and Christmas tree farms!!! (not to mention horses, sheep and chickens!) For a big city girl like me, moving here was a big transition but it's kind of lovely living out in the country.


(PS We try to keep Noodlebug as "rock and roll" as possible. His dad is hoping he'll be a rock star when he grows up)

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...


Queenly Things said...

I'd like a Halloween decoration just like that little guy. Do you lend him out?

6p00d83454e99c69e2 said...

I'm really digg'in Noodle's skull sweater.....I need one of those!! He's sweet as pie Amy :) xo

Amy said...

I am so glad I bought that sweater! I was waffling about it but he gets so many compliments on it. It goes just perfectly with his Chuck Taylors.


Montanna said...

He looks so good in that sweater! I work at Baby Gap here in AZ and I can't wait to get my son this sweater! SO fun!