Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Update


It was a difficult weekend. My family stood in line for three hours to get the H1N1 shot on Saturday. We are all vaccinated now but it was a long and difficult morning. There is a lot of stress and strife in my family right now that we are trying to work through. I'm desperately fighting off depression and trying to focus on all the good things around me like the beautiful fall weather and the fact that we are entering the holiday season which I always look forward to.

I felt really low on Saturday so after Noodlebug went to bed, I went by myself to see WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. To be honest, I can't tell if you if I like it or not. It is definitely NOT a children's movie. It is much more a movie about what it is like to be a child.  Yesterday, I went into the garage and found the missing box of Halloween decorations. It was filled with lovely things from former swap partners as well as some Etsy finds. I smiled as I hung my CariKraft Halloween decorations and set out my CariKraft caged fairy on the piano.  And then there was my Jennifer Conway beeswax crow with the witch hat.  So many delightful things that lifted my spirits.

We are now moving into my favorite time of year and I want to be happy and make this time magical and fun for my little one. I'm trying to make this happen.  If I am sporadic in my posting over the next few days, please know that I am reading and will be posting reviews soon. And I'm reading all of your blogs and comments!!!!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Praying you will feel better soon...m.

Alison Gibbs said...

Amy thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way
Take care

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

So sorry you are having a down moment, my friend. Get back into you creative crafty life and this will pass. It works for me. Love you, Beth

Jerusalem said...

I have been thinking about you all week and hoping that you have found some peace and relief this week! I know what it is like and hope that the season brings you glad tidings and gets your creative juices flowing!

Amy said...

THanks everybody! I can feel the good vibes you are sending me. It's helping!!!


6p00d83454e99c69e2 said...

Always thinking of you Amy. Life is full of challenges.....keep crafting :)

Love ya! xo