Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Catching Up

Sorry I have been absent.  It has been a busy few weeks!  I pulled out the Easter decorations and I'm hoping I may actually get decorated for Easter this year.  Not sure what I'll be doing for Lent. Normally, I try to ADD something to my life for 40 days. Usually a Lenten devotional. But I haven't found one I really want do this year. Anyone have a good one to recommend?

I am finishing up BODY RESTORATION and I will be really sorry to see it go. In many ways, this has been my very favorite Brave Girls Club ecourse so far.  I only wish it would go on a bit longer.  This class had a profound effect on me and it is starting to change the way I relate to food. Baby steps but steps nonetheless.  At the gym this morning, I renewed my vow to start running and get in shape for a 5k.  My ultimate goal is to run the Disneyland Half Marathon the year I turn 40.  A few years to go so maybe I'll actually get it done.  I'm tired of feeling weak and worthless.

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Spring is such a wonderful time of renewal.  It is my second favorite season.  Everyone you look you see signs of rebirth and it is such a beautiful thing.  In the midst of the depression and drama surrounding our move last Fall, I decided to get some daffodil bulbs to plant in our new flower beds.  My husband planted them for me and I told myself it would give me something to look forward to.  Well, almost every one of the bulbs has started sprouting and I am so excited to think that I will soon have cheerful daffodils in my front yard.  Spring is right around the corner!


Heidi said...

Good for for you--you Brave girl! I ran my first 5K last fall... "check" (done, but may never do it again....after all I'm53!). My younger sister, 47 years old, is RIGHT NOW in Orlando, going to run that Princess Half Marathon! Last year she rain the half and full in two days! So you Brave Girl that you are CAN do it! Don't stop for ANYTHING! I still fun 4 miles 4 times a week....but have slowed up a little.

On a different note: Could you pray for one of my sisters? She just found out today she has blood cancer. :(

Amy said...

Heidi, Sweet Friend---Consider it done. I'm so sorry about your sister but she will be in my prayers every single day as will you and the rest of your family!